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Success Stories:

Barb Bokinskie

MonaVie Distributor

Barb Bokinskie (Before) BEFORE
Barb Bokinskie (After) AFTER

I am at the end of the 12 week journey but it doesn’t stop here. As the song says “I've only just begun.” With the MonaVie RVL program I know I will finish out and meet my goal. I feel more alive and energetic. My activity level has gone up. I am able to keep up with the grandkids without getting short of breath or getting tired. I am getting compliments from people and I am beaming! I am getting myself back again.

I have cleaned out the before clothes and I’m working on picking up some in-between clothes to wear before I get to the after clothes which I know I will. I actually fit back into a pair of pants after a year.

I would like to thank my son and his wife for getting me going on this. They told me their concerns about my health and I knew it was time to listen. They, along with my hubby, have been great supporters. I would also like to give “kudos” for the company coming out with the MonaVie RVL plan. It is easy to do and has shown me great results!