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Rob Turek

MonaVie Silver Executive

Rob Turek (Before) BEFORE
Rob Turek (After) AFTER

What a journey this MonaVie RVL Lose for MORE Challenge was! Starting at 252 pounds, I was in dire need of change. Learning more and more about the consequences of obesity, I was determined to stay off pharmaceutical dependence. When I started the MonaVie RVL program, to my amazement, I lost 13 pounds in my first week! And I didn't even work out. I just followed the RVL dietary guideline. However, I soon realized that every journey comes with challenges. The following week, I attended an organizational function in Las Vegas and succumbed to the temptations of vacation and ate what I wanted. I returned home with 8 pounds back on. Fortunately, I was still down 4 pounds from where I started. I decided to move forward full steam ahead and stay on a consistent path of weight loss. Then challenge number two came across my path.

I am a single father of a neurologically disabled 10-year-old boy. One morning I was awakened—my son sleeps next to me because of his illness—by the movements of my son going through a grand mal seizure. He hadn't experienced one of these in three years. My son was going through a regression, which in turn warranted more medical attention. His neurologists had my son admitted to a seizure monitoring unit for a little under a week. I stayed at the hospital with him for much of the time. This, needless to say, was an unfortunate distraction and eventual stall of my MonaVie RVL program. The idea was that after my son was released I would get back on the program; but, it was another two and a half weeks after he was out before I got going again. I would still take some MonaVie RVL from time to time, but I wasn't nearly as regimented. The great thing was that during this time, I really didn't gain any weight back—maybe a pound or two. I took this procrastination and decided to turn it around.

I was going to finish the Lose for MORE challenge because my purpose was larger than my own weight loss. I wanted to lose weight so I could be around longer for my son. Plus, I was also pledging to The MORE Project—no way was I going to send them 10–15 bucks! I had to do better than that. I decided to double up my cardio and really focus on the program. Sprinting toward the finish line, I was losing weight like crazy. I had more energy and I could actually tie my shoes without gasping for air. In the end, I lost 39 pounds. I realized that, had I stuck with the full 12 weeks, I could probably have finished around 50+ pounds lost. But, most of all, I realized that even when you hit bumps in the road, you should never give up. Keep on fighting that one more round and never stop going until you hit the finish line—even if you have to drag yourself across. My name is Rob Turek, and I am MONAVIE...just 39 pounds lighter!