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Leah Carlson

Lose for MORE Challenge Winner

Leah Carlson (Before) BEFORE
Leah Carlson (After) AFTER

The Journey continues! I started down the MonaVie RVL road on November 6, 2010, at 325 pounds. Since that time I've lost 93 pounds, and even though I still have a long way to go, my life has already been dramatically changed. As I said in my first post, I don't think people without weight issues realize how it controls your entire life. Your every thought is consumed by your size. If you do have moments in your own mind that seem unrelated to weight, don't worry, there will soon be someone, or something that will put you in your place. Sadly enough, society has judged you. You only get one chance to make a first impression, and your size has predetermined that for you.

For me, my weight struggles began as a child. I like to blame it on genetics, but I've come to realize that this is just an easy excuse. However, back in 1992, I actually had successful weight loss. Through a medically supervised diet, I lost 120 pounds. Not something I would recommend. I was sick the entire time! Weekly blood tests and physical exams were my life for the eight months it took to lose the weight. Not to mention, it was extremely costly.

So what happened? Being a woman who has never been happy with her body, I made a decision to have liposuction to complete my journey, a decision that would almost take my life. Things did not go well, and I developed gangrene in both legs. Not only did I end up with chronic pain and swelling, but disfiguring scars. That's when the weight started to creep back on, depression set in, and I gave up. It was from that time on, that I had resigned myself to be fat.

At 53 years old, I didn't feel I had an option. Then MonaVie RVL came into my life. What did I have to lose, besides the weight? From the first week, not only did I see dramatic weight loss, but I felt better than ever! The plan fit into my lifestyle perfectly. Instead of driving through Starbucks or McDonalds, I just mix up a shake and take it with me.

I keep the bars in my desk, so when I need a little boost, it's just the right thing to take me through to lunch. I've taken a blender to work, and break it out at lunch time. It just doesn't get any easier! Then, in planning my evening meal, I've really learned how to look at food much differently, and how to make healthy choices.

I've also added physical activity to the mix, and I can't tell you how much that has improved my quality of life. I'm even going to classes like boot camp and Zumba at the gym! I never imagined, in a million years, I would be able to do that, let alone enjoy it so much. I have to thank MonaVie and the entire MonaVie team for introducing these life-changing products. You are not only changing lives, you are saving lives. You have given me my life back and made me the wife and mother my family deserves. For me and my husband (who has lost 60+ pounds), the journey continues, and I will continue to update you on my (our) progress.

This is certainly a journey, and I still have a long way to go; however, I can't even begin to tell you how it feels to finally be in control of my life. When you weigh as much as I did when I started this journey, I think the one thing people don't understand is that the weight controls everything you do, every thought you have. It literally controls your life.

I feel so empowered by this journey, and even though I'm a long way from writing the final chapter of my success story, there is no question that I will get there, and I will win this war! I'm so grateful to MonaVie for the gift of MonaVie RVL. To finally have the tools I need to succeed and take my life back is a dream come true. Thank you! I'll keep you posted.