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Success Stories:

Dean M. Brown

MonaVie Distributor

Dean M. Brown (Before) BEFORE
Dean M. Brown (After) AFTER

Thank you, MonaVie, for this awesome product. I have tried all types of weight loss programs over the years, and I would lose some weight, but I would soon be tired of the program so I would stop it and gain all the weight back and more.

This MonaVie RVL system has been a blessing in my life and in my wife Carla's life. We are able do to the system together and that makes it even easier than ever to do. I am currently down 84 pounds and Carla is down 63 pounds and we have our lives back.

I cannot stress how much we both love this program. Our eternal thanks goes to MonaVie and the company's continued commitment to helping people have a more meaningful life. We're forever thankful.