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Dec 7, 2008

Introducing MonaVie University

MonaVie is pleased to introduce MonaVie University, an online learning tool delivering in-depth training to help you become more productive and efficient in running your independent business.

At MonaVie, we are committed to your growth and career development. That's what MonaVie University is all about. Whether you need training on the Virtual Office, commissions, reports, or enrolling a new distributor, we've got you covered. All courses are offered free of charge and can be accessed by logging into your Virtual Office.

With MonaVie University, you can begin one of the following courses today:

  • Virtual Office Training
  • So You Are a New Distributor—Now What? (hosted by Henry Marsh)
  • Compliance Basics

Over time, we'll be adding many courses on how to do things the MonaVie way, certifications (where necessary), product training, how to do business internationally, and much more. Be sure to check us out in your Virtual Office and let us know what you think by sending an email to

MonaVie University is currently available in the United States and Puerto Rico, and will be rolled out to additional countries in 2009.

Nov 6, 2008

MonaVie Holiday Schedule

The holidays are upon us, and MonaVie's corporate offices will be closed on the following days.

Wednesday, December 31

Thursday, January 1

This includes Executive and Distributor Support, Distributor Relations, and distribution/pickup services. You may still place orders online by logging into your Virtual Office.

Also, as most of MonaVie's domestic shipping is done through UPS, please click here for UPS's holiday delivery schedule.

Nov 5, 2008

MonaVie Research Published in No. 1 Ranked Journal

The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry was recently named the No. 1 ranked journal in total citations in applied chemistry and food science technology, according to a report by Thomson Reuters.

MonaVie is pleased to report that in the year 2008 alone, one study on MonaVie Active and at least three other studies on the acai berry were published in this peer-reviewed, scientific journal.

The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry is the No. 1 journal in total citations (45,286) and articles published (1,530), out of 35 journals in the Agriculture, Multidisciplinary category. The journal publishes research results dealing with the chemistry and biochemistry of agriculture and food with a focus on original research representing complete studies, rather than incremental studies.

To learn more about the studies published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry and to view additional research on the acai berry, visit

Nov 4, 2008

Video Message from Chief Financial Officer Devin D. Thorpe

Please take a few minutes to watch a special video message from MonaVie's Chief Financial Officer Devin D. Thorpe.

Using his own insights as well as those he's gained from economic advisors around the world, Devin explains why MonaVie is the place to be during these turbulent economic times. He also expounds on the impact of global market turmoil on currency exchange rates and MonaVie's pricing and commission rates.

Learn why Devin calls MonaVie a "safe harbor in this economic storm."

Watch the video.

Nov 4, 2008

February 2009 Ruby Fly-In Qualification Period Underway

The first Ruby Fly-In event of 2009 will take place February 4-7, 2009. Congratulations to those who qualified for the trip prior to the deadline on October 31, 2008.

Be sure to check for Ruby Fly-In updates on the Ruby Fly-In webpage.

An all-expense-paid stay at the renowned Zermatt Resort in Midway, Utah, the Ruby Fly-In is an opportunity for Ruby-level distributors and above to receive recognition, training, and personal time with MonaVie's executive team. Ruby Fly-Ins also give you a chance to sample the area's top activities, including world-class skiing, golfing, hiking, fly-fishing, shopping, spa treatments, and much more.

Nov 4, 2008

MonaVie: Safety in a Storm

Amid these troubled economic times, many people are worried about their jobs. MonaVie distributors, however, have no reason to worry about their MonaVie incomes, even as the troubled times bring turmoil to markets around the world. In fact, turbulence brings opportunity for distributors as more and more people are now looking to supplement or replace their incomes.

People may ask you: Why is MonaVie different? Or, why won't MonaVie be impacted adversely by the current economic crisis, which most people now recognize as a recession?

The answer to this question is found in the underlying cause of the global economic crisis: too much debt. Almost all debt in the global economy is packaged up and sold in chunks, in a process known as securitization. These chunks of debt, a variety of derivative securities, have nearly stopped trading completely, bringing lending of all sorts to a stop. All of this is a result of over leveraging in a variety of industries—from residential lending to leveraged financing for corporations.

For companies that require debt financing to operate, friction in the credit markets represents a near fatal risk. Banks are taking every opportunity to reduce their lending exposure by cutting off or reducing advances to marginal customers. For those companies that need to borrow money to cover inventory purchases or payroll, the credit crunch threatens their ability to continue operating.

MonaVie is different because we don't need to borrow money to buy products or to pay distributors. Instead, MonaVie generates cash to fund all of its obligations, while still achieving profitability. MonaVie has no debt, and MonaVie distributors have nothing to worry about.

We hope you continue to find safe harbor with MonaVie during the storm of these troubled economic times.


Devin D. Thorpe
Chief Financial Officer

Devin D. Thorpe is the Chief Financial Officer of MonaVie LLC. Previously, he led Thorpe Capital Group, a middle market investment banking firm. He also served as the Treasurer for USANA Health Sciences, Inc. (Nasdaq: USNA). His prior experience also includes assignments with the State of Utah and the U.S. Senate Banking Committee staff. He earned his MBA at Cornell University's Johnson School of Management.

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