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Dec 5, 2011

Cruise for Gold Qualifiers—Tammy and Phil Poulin

More than 100 distributorships have set their sails for success by qualifying for the Cruise for Gold, including Tammy and Phil Poulin. Congratulations to all who have qualified so far. And, to those who haven’t yet: there’s still time! The qualification period ends December 23, so step up to the challenge and join us in the Bahamas!

"Phil and I were introduced to MonaVie almost three years ago by my sister and her husband, Tanya and Dean Pekeski. We had great results from drinking MonaVie Active but never thought to pursue the business opportunity. Four months after feeling the benefits, we started to share it with friends and family.

"Words can't explain what we have experienced in this journey of relational marketing. We have experienced such personal growth and have also seen this in our team. You can't put a price on sharing products that are changing people's health and finances.

"Phil, who owns a traditional business, sees the simplicity in MonaVie of having no overhead, no staff, no inventory, and no headaches! It has been an incredible journey so far. Not only have we reconnected with our longtime friends, we have met some incredible new friends that we will have for a lifetime.

"We will continuously change lives, one person at a time! Dallin Larsen is right: MonaVie is the best company for the world! There is no greater feeling than being able to go on a cruise with your friends and family. Thank you, MonaVie, for this amazing opportunity! Bon voyage!"

Dec 2, 2011

Cruise for Gold Qualifiers—Brent and Ann Morton

Congratulations to Brent and Ann Morton from Taylors, South Carolina, on qualifying for the Cruise for Gold trip. Here's what they had to say about qualifying for the cruise…

"This trip means so much to us, but our hearts are to share it with as many partners that we call our friends in our organization. We deeply desire our friends to hit Gold and beyond because by achieving this rank, you gain more than a paid Cruise: you make a difference in others' lives physically, financially, and through personal growth. This is a tremendous reward!

"Each day, we simply contact new people on our list, stay in touch with distributors that have been out of touch for a while, and listen to the leadership to gain tips and positive affirmations.

"We really promote RVL products and encourage our team to be ready for the RVLution coming in January. RVL is exploding our business, and we are taking advantage of every opportunity that passes in front of us. We encourage everyone to do the same because it will be a RVLution!

"Follow the leaders who have proven success and have kept a tunnel vision. Ink makes you think, so write down your goals. Turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones. Stay plugged into those that are growing and going!

"Brent and I are truly fired up about connecting with all the qualifiers we know and getting to know the ones we haven't met, as well as hearing what the top leadership MonaVie will bring on this Cruise has to share with us."

Dec 2, 2011

Cruise for Gold Qualifiers—Jim and Sandy Minneo

Congratulations to Jim and Sandy Minneo from Manchester, Connecticut, on qualifying for the Cruise for Gold trip. Here's what they had to say about qualifying for the cruise…

"Our road to Gold was achieved by sharing the MonaVie products and opportunity every day. We started this journey building one relationship at a time and building a strong community of families that wanted better health and wealth.

"We are in contact with people on our team every day and talk about their dreams and goals. We help every new person become a Star and then move up the rank structure. We look forward to breaking more Stars and helping them move up the ranks to accomplish their dreams.

"This business opportunity gave us a chance to work together toward our dreams. Our activity and opportunity to grow was in our hands with no one to limit our chance to succeed. The cruise will be a great time for us to spend time together and with our leaders and to show our group what a terrific company MonaVie is."

Dec 2, 2011

Cruise for Gold Qualifiers—Ken and Adelaide Murdoch

Congratulations to Ken and Adelaide Murdoch from High Prairie, Alberta, Canada, on qualifying for the Cruise for Gold trip. Here's what they had to say about qualifying for the cruise…

"After hearing and reading about the Cruise for Gold and realizing that is was very much within our grasp, we set our sails for success—as Jeff Graham suggested—and began to formulate an action plan to get us on the Monarch of the Seas. We were determined to go cruising. We really wanted the time on the sea and are hungry for the information and teaching that will certainly launch us into a new era of community commerce!

"We went back through our tree looking for a place to ignite or reignite our MonaVie business. We made a few phone calls, made a new list of future entrepreneurs, and began contacting them. The response was fabulous. We think it was our excitement and determination along with our belief in the company and products that helped us qualify.

"Ken started full tilt with the MonaVie RVL program on September 23, 2011—one day before his 68th birthday. He has enjoyed unbelievable results. New notches on the belt and wearing t-shirts that didn't fit before are enough proof for him to keep going on the weight management program.

"We have been on a daily intake of MonaVie juice blends since we were introduced to them by our sponsors Mark and Tami Crawford. Being part of Mark and Tami's group means there is no lack of leadership and allows for all team members to access their great leadership. We have to thank them, along with many others that have helped us along the way.

"We have been loyal to the products and learned as much as possible about them to allow us to present the opportunity. Our quality of life is awesome, and it is due to the products and the business. We love the company, the products, the opportunity, the direction, the future, and the example set by the leadership. When we show the A More Meaningful Life video to our prospects, they really believe it. This is important to us, as trust is a necessity.

"We know other seniors have qualified for the Cruise for Gold, and we can't wait to meet them. It makes us wonder what ‘retire' means. Whatever it means, it is not for us because we are Ken and Allie Murdoch, and we are MonaVie for life!"

Dec 2, 2011

Cruise for Gold Qualifiers—Mary and Thomas Meadows

Congratulations to Mary and Thomas Meadows from Dickson, Tennessee, on qualifying for the Cruise for Gold trip. Here's what they had to say about qualifying for the cruise…

"Qualifying for the Cruise for Gold trip gives us a sense of accomplishment and determination to continue this journey.

"This business is all about persistence and consistence. We share the opportunity, stay in daily contact with our team leaders, stay up to date on all that is going on in MonaVie, promote events, and continually work on our personal growth. We do something with MonaVie every day.

"This business is about repeating the basics over and over. Star to Star Maker: we place a sense of urgency in our team to start this process quickly and then continue to do it. Most importantly, we believe in our team! We support them by being available for open meetings, home tastings, three-way calls, one-on-ones, or just a pick-me-up on those days when they may be feeling a little discouraged.

"Recognition is also a very important part of our business. We believe everyone should be applauded for their accomplishments. Our entire group receives notification with any new rank advancement, and they all acknowledge and support each other. It is all about your downline. Take your eyes off yourself, and focus on your team. Spend time with them, assist them, support them, and grow with them! The joy is in the journey; always have fun.

"We look forward to spending quality time with our MonaVie leaders. We plan to absorb all the information possible, learn new ways to grow our business, get charged up for the New Year, and return home armed to help our people reach their goals and beyond!"

Dec 2, 2011

Cruise for Gold Qualifiers—Pete and Joyce Stoehr

Congratulations to Pete and Joyce Stoehr from Sooke, British Columbia, Canada, on qualifying for the Cruise for Gold trip. Here's what they had to say about qualifying for the cruise…

"What kind of company puts something like this together? Incredible! In sixteen years as a correctional officer at a federal prison, never have I been given an opportunity to earn an all-expense-paid trip—ever! What an honor it is to be part of MonaVie and to share the life-changing benefits these products provide both physically and financially. The health benefits we have personally experienced have been amazing!

"Gold Executive really is a huge milestone that people shouldn't take lightly. We are truly into the meat of things now. To have reached this level is a huge accomplishment; to do it two weeks consecutively to earn the cruise is amazing! We are so excited. What an experience it has been to be able to lend guidance to others and to mentor. It's so fulfilling! When we decided to start sharing, Gold was just a pipe dream that seemed so distant. Even when this promotion was announced, we questioned whether we could do it at first.

"When we made the decision to get on this cruise, everything just seemed to fall into place. Do not sell short the power of intention! What you put out to the world truly comes back tenfold. Focus on putting out positive energy and believing the dream can come true. Never ever did I think a silly bottle of juice would change our lives so dramatically. The visions and dreams we have are huge now that we have opened up the dream box again.

"We are a testament that anyone can do this. If a prison guard and a group home manager can do it, anyone can! You are no different than us! Go out with integrity, and be genuine with what you share. Take this opportunity seriously. Thank you, MonaVie, our great leaders, and our amazing team. We truly are changing lives! See you all on the open seas! We are MonaVie!"

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