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Nov 10, 2011

Cruise for Gold Qualifier—Mark Ludwig

Congratulations to Mark Ludwig from St. Louis, Missouri, on qualifying for the Cruise for Gold trip! Here's what he had to say about qualifying for the cruise…

"My original attraction to MonaVie was from a purely business standpoint. After using the product and noticing how much better I felt, I immediately became sold on the health benefits as well. But far beyond the business or health factors, the friendships and ability to touch lives in such a meaningful way is what keeps me going.

"Qualifying for this trip was a team effort, and I have been blessed with a group of some of the best people I could have ever imagined here in the St. Louis area. I wish I could take every single one of them with me. I'm looking forward to being there to congratulate them as they qualify for these trips.

"After going seven months without seeing my only child, my goal with MonaVie is to develop a large enough business so I can devote my life to creating a foundation that helps fathers who want so badly to be a part of their children's lives. My son is my motivation and inspiration for everything I do. I have his picture everywhere as a reminder to make those extra calls, show the plan, and share this amazing opportunity.

"I love a business that allows you to build relationships and truly get involved in the lives of others. It's so much more than just a business. It's a true partnership/friendship as you share your hopes, your dreams, your successes, and your defeats and lock arms while driving the miles and showing plans together. I'm looking forward to being a part of Dallin's $20 billion vision and helping a lot of people along the way."

Nov 8, 2011

Cruise for Gold Qualifiers—Nick and Lisa Morris

Congratulations to Nick and Lisa Morris from Taylor, Texas, on qualifying for the Cruise for Gold trip! Here's what they had to say about qualifying for the cruise…

"We feel blessed to help people through this business, that the company recognizes the amount of work and effort it takes to make it to this level, and that MonaVie rewards its distributors the way they do. You don't see this in the work place!

"Don't focus on getting yourself on the trip; rather, focus on getting people on your team there. Help your people advance in rank. If you do that, it will push you up into qualification. Always listen to people as you speak with them to find their needs. Share the product and opportunity daily. Run with the ones that want to run, doing one-on-ones and home tastings—whatever it takes.

"We are looking forward to meeting all the others who qualified for the cruise and learning from the leaders in the business—and to turning our cell phones off!"

Nov 2, 2011

Cruise for Gold Qualifiers—Josh and Jorene Miller

Congratulations to Josh and Jorene Miller from Murrieta, California, on qualifying for the Cruise for Gold trip. Here's what they had to say about qualifying for the cruise…

"It is truly an honor to be awarded this trip by MonaVie! I am thankful to share this accomplishment with my wife who has supported me through the journey of building a life without limits for our family. From day one we have been all in, and each day we are grateful to share the product, the opportunity, and the journey with like-minded people. The fact that we can bring hope into people's lives is what we enjoy most about this business. The opportunity to be on this cruise with others is icing on the cake!

"In September of this year, I was fortunate enough to take some people on a MonaVie corporate tour. We heard about some of the new incentives rolling out, and I immediately knew this was going to be big. I came home refocused and got back to basics. We are indentifying folks through our PEAR report and getting them plugged into the events and the Getting and Staying Started corporate tools.

"Once we identify the folks who have a desire to build a business, we schedule their first tasting party and help them invite via three-way calls or one-on-ones. Our goal is to get them to Star as quickly as possible. When people get their MonaVie Visa cards, they seem to get their belief. We are identifying three to four legs that we can build depth in and get as many folks as we can on the trip. We are full throttle, treating this like a million-dollar business!

"You must decide that you want to do this business and why you want to. Once you find your motivation, it will become your inspiration. Put your head down, don't listen to the negative folks, focus on the success of others, and by default you will accomplish great things.

"We are looking forward to spending time in the sun, having fun, and building even more relationships. Thank you, MonaVie!"

Nov 1, 2011

Cruise for Gold Qualifiers—Andrew and Marina Pedroza

Congratulations to Andrew and Marina Pedroza from Corona, California, on qualifying for the Cruise for Gold trip. Here’s what they had to say about qualifying for the cruise…

“I was out doing some Christmas shopping with my mom when we ran into some old friends of hers, Conrad and Jill Padilla. We started casual conversation on how we were doing and what was new in our lives since we hadn’t seen them in a few years. They shared with us the wonderful opportunity that MonaVie has provided them and how blessed they have been through it all. I was of course curious, so I started asking some more questions.

“Just a few months prior to this divine appointment (I truly believe it was), my husband and I were blessed with our first baby, a beautiful girl named Audrina. I had the opportunity to be home with her for the first few months, but the reality hit that I was soon going to have to return to work. This hit me very hard! It felt like the umbilical cord was cut once again separating mommy from her baby. I became determined to do something different to have the chance to be home again with her soon.

“I was praying for God to bring something my way or show me something that could allow me to do so. When Conrad and Jill shared that MonaVie was able to provide them with more time freedom with family and their children, that was all I needed to hear!

“I came home excited about what I heard, and I told my husband that we were going to do this and that we had to this! It wasn’t about us anymore; we had to do it for our daughter. In the beginning, he was reluctant and said he would support me but that I was going to be the one doing it all. That quickly changed! We had the opportunity to meet and hear Brig Hart at a local event. It was at that point that we knew what God had brought us was exactly what we were looking for! We jumped in with both feet, committed ourselves to MonaVie, our upline, and our teams, and have not looked back since!

“There are many great things about MonaVie that we absolutely love. If we had to pick just one, it is definitely the people! What an amazing group of people to be surrounded by. We are all motivating, uplifting people who work together to achieve common goals for ourselves and our families. The products and the compensation plan are definitely a huge bonus!

“We just recently achieved the rank of Gold Executive, and we are beyond excited—not only about achieving this rank, but that we qualified for the Cruise for Gold! What an absolute honor it is to earn this trip just because we decided to go out there and share what MonaVie has done for us and our family! The excitement that this has brought to our team has been incredible. It definitely confirms that the decision we made on December 17, 2010, was the right decision!

“We could not be where we are today without God’s favor over our lives and business. We have tremendous appreciation for our upline and the mentors that they have been to us. Conrad and Jill Padilla and Chris and Laura Sonksen, thank you very much for the knowledge you have given us, the guidance you have shown us, and most of all the belief you have in us! We also could not have achieved what we have without the drive, determination, and dedication of our team. We would love nothing more than for you all to be on that trip with us, and we are committed to do whatever it takes to make that happen. We love you guys!

“This business truly is a simple business. I still work a full-time corporate job as does my husband, and we have a one-year-old to care for. The benefit in working this is the fact that it’s part time. We plan our tastings and activities around any free time we have—after work or on the weekends and typically after our baby goes to bed for the night so that we still make time for her.

“We run with the sense of urgency that is needed to get to our goals. We do more one-on-ones, make a lot more phone calls, and get those who have clicked off AutoShip back on. We also run a few incentives/promotions within our team. The only thing we did different to earn a spot on the Cruise for Gold trip was to run with more sense of urgency than we ever had before. We knew we only had a certain amount of time to hit our goal, and we made it!

“Remember to keep your goals achievable yet challenging. If everything were easy, we would all have it. You’ve got to challenge yourself, commit to activities daily, and run with that urgency. One quote I love that Brig Hart said was, ‘You can make all the resolutions you want, but if you don’t change your activities you’re not going to change the outcome.’ We proved to ourselves that it could be done if we wanted it bad enough.

“We most look forward to all the relationships that will be built on the cruise. To be surrounded by such positive, motivating, and determined people who all have similar goals in mind will be such a priceless experience for us. We are truly honored to have achieved this goal and can not wait to go out and continue sharing what MonaVie has done for our lives and others. Thank you, Dallin, Brig and Lita, Conrad and Jill, and all the other leaders who have touched our lives and blessed us with this opportunity to go out and change people’s lives.”


Nov 1, 2011

Cruise for Gold Qualifiers—Scott and Ana English, M.D.

Congratulations to Scott and Ana English, M.D. from Davie, Florida, on qualifying for the Cruise for Gold trip! Here's what they had to say about qualifying for the cruise…

"Qualifying for the Cruise for Gold trip gives us a sense of accomplishment in reaching a goal we were determined to accomplish.

"We do something every day with the business. We show the opportunity to new prospects and make daily calls to people in our downline to help them qualify for the trip. We place a sense of urgency with all new and existing distributors to go Star and Star Maker. Our advice is to plug into your upline for support.

"We look forward to spending quality time with our leaders in MonaVie to help take our business to the next level and beyond."

Oct 31, 2011

CMO Jeff Cohen and Cruise for Gold Qualifiers Headline Tonight’s Organizational Call!

MonaVie invites you to participate in the North America Organizational Call on Monday, November 7, at 7 p.m. (Mountain Time). President of North America Sales Jeff Graham hosts the call and is joined by the following corporate and distributor leaders:

Be prepared to take your business to the next level in 2012 with MonaVie 2.0 by listening to tonight’s call. To join the call, dial one of the numbers below on Monday at 7 p.m. (Mountain Time).

USA & Territories, Canada
1-866-352-4928 (PIN: 4928#)

1-904-596-2373 (PIN: 7878295#)

To check out the webcast portion of the call, click here.

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