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Jan 23, 2012

Cruise for Gold Qualifiers—Mike and Mary Lynne Martens

Congratulations to Mike and Mary Lynne Martens from Cochrane, Alberta, Canada, on qualifying for the Cruise for Gold trip! Here’s what they had to say about qualifying for the cruise…

"When our neighbors, Tanya and Dewey German, caught me arriving home from work one day last October and invited us to a tasting party at their home, we neither had no idea we were about to be introduced to the coolest people in the world, nor could we have imagined how this encounter would impact our family and change the course of our lives. Although we weren’t looking to start another business, Mary Lynne had an incredible result with MonaVie Active and we quickly fell in love with the MonaVie family of products. From the first time we saw, The Best Just Got Better video and listened to our upline Blue Diamond Joe Wack show the plan, we realized that MonaVie was a company and an opportunity unlike anything we had ever seen.

"The culture of MonaVie is very unique, we love that it is an equilateral opportunity that brings people together from all walks of life. The personal development, business skills, and life skills that we have gained since joining MonaVie have proven valuable in all areas of our lives. We are very grateful to our upline—the Germans, Laus, Cotes, St. Amands, Wacks, Huvas, and Merritts—who have all invested their time in us to ensure that the foundation of our business is built solid for long-term growth and profitability.

"We had reset our goal date to achieve Gold several times; and, when the Cruise for Gold promotion was announced, we were up for the challenge. This rank was earned through the efforts of our entire team, including our children, who all made commitments and took action. To achieve Gold, we had to break out of our comfort zone and do differently. We pushed ourselves to take actions every day and overcome some of our challenges and weaknesses. The week before our first ‘Golden week,’ I made 42 phone calls in 90 minutes and followed those up with 15 one-on-ones, placing product, and getting out to all of the tasting parties that we could.

"Joe Wack has always coached us that any goal in MonaVie can be achieved, and how quickly you achieve those goals is only determined by two things: the number of actions that you take and the skill level at which you take those actions. We followed this advice and plugged into the system and the activities of our upline. We make every effort to attend all local, regional, and national functions to continue to build our skill set and to learn to develop people in our downline with the same passion, respect, and care as our upline has done for us.

"In our first year with MonaVie, we have learned that if you believe, take actions, and never quit, the rewards will be limitless. We would like to thank Dallin Larsen and the entire MonaVie team for being the best company for the world; our upline Joe and Colleen Wack and Al and Sherry Huva for their patience, guidance, and support; and our awesome team of Stevo, Rob and Jacqui, Patricia, Susan and Rob, Alan and Lynn, and so many others who are hot on our heels and will be hitting Gold and beyond very soon as we all continue to work together to share this wonderful way of life with anyone who has a dream. We will be forever grateful to our sponsors, Dewey and Tanya German, for thinking of us and taking the time to bring us along on this amazing journey.

"We are very excited for MonaVie 2.0 and look forward to an action-packed Caribbean vacation with our teammates and all of the other qualifiers!"

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