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Mar 15, 2010

MonaVie EssentialTM and MonaVie ActiveTM to Launch in Korea

We are pleased to announce that our invigorating MonaVie EssentialTM and MonaVie ActiveTM beverages will be available for purchase in Korea at the time of launch on 25 March 2010.

In case you missed it, here is a summary of the product offering and the associated pricing for Korea. Remember the prices below are shipping inclusive , and MonaVie's unique pricing structure allows you to save when purchasing more than one case at a time.

Item Code Item Wholesale PV
1110041905 1 case MonaVie Essential (4 bottles) KRW 172,000 100
1110081905 2 cases MonaVie Essential (8 bottles) KRW 320,000 200
1111041905 1 case MonaVie Active (4 bottles) KRW 185,000 100
1111081905 2 cases MonaVie Active (8 bottles) KRW 340,000 200
1111121905 3 cases MonaVie Active (12 bottles) KRW 475,000 300

Click here to view or print our MonaVie Korea Price List.

Whether you choose MonaVie EssentialTM or MonaVie ActiveTM, each formula provides a convenient way to add a variety of fruits to your daily diet, including renowned fruits like acai, cupuacu, camu camu, aronia, acerola, bilberry, and pomegranate. With this philosophy of Balance-Variety-Moderation in mind, MonaVie provides refreshing beverages for distributors throughout the world.

MonaVie welcomes all of our new Korean Distributors and wishes each of you, every success in the weeks and months ahead. We look forward to partnering with you in providing the services and support you have grown to expect from MonaVie.

Mar 10, 2010

Global Bronze to Emerald Promotion

The biggest promotion in MonaVie history is already underway: It’s the Global Bronze to Emerald Promotion, and through it, you may be able to earn up to 10,500 GBU* in cash and prizes!

Whether it’s qualifying, re-qualifying, or simply re-engaging in MonaVie altogether, we intend to substantially reward you for your efforts by giving you the chance to earn a series of cash bonuses. For a company that puts its distributors first, the Bronze to Emerald Promotion is yet another great incentive to keep your MonaVie business booming now and for years to come. The promotion began on 2 January 2010 and runs through 4 June 2010.

Here’s how it works:
1. Each Bronze distributorship or below that qualifies at the Bronze Executive level for two consecutive weeks through 4 June 2010, will earn a one-time bonus of 500 GBU.

2. Each Silver distributorship or below that qualifies at the Silver Executive level for three consecutive weeks through 4 June 2010, will earn a one-time bonus of 1,000 GBU.

3. Each Gold distributorship or below that qualifies at the Gold Executive level for four consecutive weeks through 4 June 2010, will earn a one-time bonus of 2,000 GBU.

4. Each Ruby distributorship or below that qualifies at Ruby Executive level for four consecutive weeks through 4 June 2010, will earn a one-time bonus of 3,000 GBU.

5. Each Emerald distributorship or below that qualifies at Emerald Executive level for four consecutive weeks through 4 June 2010, will earn a one-time bonus of 4,000 GBU.

No other company in the world wants you to succeed like MonaVie does. So, encourage everyone you know to make a difference in 2010 and take advantage of this exciting promotion.

* In addition to incentive trips and the other rewards included in the compensation plan, a brand new distributor who achieves these goals by 4 June 2010, will have earned a total of 10,500 GBU, if they started at Bronze rank or below.

Mar 10, 2010

International Ruby Fly-In; Qualify by 14 May 2010*

Aim your sights high and get your business moving once products become available as the time to qualify for the International Ruby Fly-In is coming up fast. To become eligible, MonaVie distributors must have a country of record outside the U.S. and must achieve the rank of Ruby Executive by 14 May 2010.

MonaVie is excited to provide this exclusive International Ruby Fly-In to honor and celebrate the achievements of our distributors outside the U.S. The best part about this event is that qualifying distributors will receive free admission to the MonaVie International “Vision” Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah—the biggest MonaVie event of the year!

Due to space limitations, the first 250 distributorships that qualify before the deadline will receive an all-expense-paid trip to Salt Lake City, Utah, 23–27 June 2010, where they will receive recognition, training, and personal time with the MonaVie Executive Team, including MonaVie founders Dallin A. Larsen, Henry Marsh, and Randy Larsen.

2010 International Ruby Fly-In Schedule
Date: 23–27 June 2010
Qualification Deadline: 14 May 2010

Salt Lake City Marriott Downtown
75 South West Temple
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

• Leadership training with Executive Team
• Exclusive international meetings
• MonaVie Corporate Office tours
• Free admission to International “Vision” Convention, 24–26 June

Next International Ruby Fly-In
Please note that if you are not among the first 250 distributorships, you can still qualify for the Ruby Fly-In that takes place 29 September–2 October 2010, at the Zermatt Resort in Midway, Utah. The qualification deadline for this Ruby Fly-In is 30 July 2010.

* All dates are based on U.S. Mountain Standard Time. The qualification date of 14 May is only for distributors registered in Korea, Hong Kong, and Malaysia.
† The term “distributorship” includes 1) those who are working the business together as a formed company; or 2) an individual distributor whose spouse or common-law partner works the business with them.

Feb 18, 2010

Join Henry Marsh and Jeff Graham at the Houston City Meeting, Tuesday, March 2

MonaVie Founder and Vice Chairman Henry Marsh will be joined by Vice President of Product Management Jeff Graham, as well as Presidential Black Diamond Executives Holly and Corbin Roush at the Houston City Meeting, Tuesday, March 2, at 7:30 p.m. (CST)

Henry, the most prolific distance runner in U.S. history, is a four-time Olympian, who won 10 national titles and held the American record in the 3,000-meter steeplechase for an unprecedented 27 years.

Considered by many to be an expert on the sourcing, harvesting, processing, and formulating of the açai berry, Jeff is an integral part of the MonaVie team. He was instrumental in the formulation of the MonaVie juices and gels, and oversees MonaVie's product management process, quality and regulatory controls, and technical services. Jeff is a skilled presenter with a knack for explaining complex, technical issues in layman's terms.

Houston City Meeting

Houston, Texas
Tuesday, March 2, 2010
7:30 p.m. (CST)

Houston Marriott Westchase
2900 Briarpark Drive
Houston, Texas 77042

Henry Marsh, Founder and Vice Chairman
Jeff Graham, Vice President of Product Management
Holly and Corbin Roush, Presidential Black Diamond Executives


Feb 16, 2010

Asia Pacific How to do Business Guide; Malaysia Update

MonaVie is moving closer to another exciting market—this time in Malaysia.

To help you prepare, we have updated the How to do Business Guide for the Asia Pacific Region to include Malaysia. Click here to download and review the guide.

This guide will help you learn about the enrollment process and other business requirements for Malaysia, as well as essential information for growing your MonaVie business in the dynamic Asia Pacific Region. The guide also includes details of our newly opened Hong Kong business opportunity and will soon be updated with information about South Korea.

For ease of reference, you are now able to download this guide from the Document Library of your Virtual Office.

At MonaVie, we remain fully committed to the long-term success and growth of the MonaVie opportunity in the Asia Pacific Region.

Feb 12, 2010

Commissions Automatically Exchanged to Malaysian Ringgits*

MonaVieExisting distributors who choose to switch their country of record to Malaysia will be able to continue to use and receive commissions through their current MonaVie Commissions account.

Please be advised that after your country transfer request has been submitted, MonaVie is required to exchange any remaining funds in your MonaVie Commission account to Malaysian Ringgits.

MonaVie is pleased to provide you with this service and to provide you with a more favourable exchange rate than the current market offering. Upon country transfer your remaining funds will automatically be converted at rate of 2.1833 per $1 (SGD). Once product is available in Malaysia you will be able to use the DirectPay feature in the Virtual Office to purchase MonaVieTM and MonaVie PulseTM in local currency.

By exchanging your remaining funds into Ringgits, MonaVie is able to satisfy part of the direct selling license agreement with the Malaysian government. Thank you for your understanding in this regard. Compliance to government guidelines provides evidence that MonaVie is interested in building a legal, sustainable, and long-term business within Malaysia.

Please continue to contact our dedicated Malaysia Distributor Support at 1800-81-5220 for any additional questions or concerns.

* Please note that any product information or claims made on this website may not apply to your market. Please refer to your country specific website at for product information and claims.

Feb 8, 2010

MonaVie Hong Kong Launches with MonaVie Original and MonaVie Active

With the Brazilian açai berry as the main ingredient, MonaVie's delicious blend of body-beneficial fruits is designed to nourish your body with powerful antioxidants and nutrients. And with the launch of MonaVie Hong Kong we are pleased to provide distributors in this market with MonaVie Original™ and MonaVie Active®.

Click here to view the selection and associated pricing for MonaVie Hong Kong.

The Premier Açai Blend
MonaVie Original features a delicious blend of the açai berry—one of nature's top superfoods—and 18 other body-beneficial fruits. This Balance-Variety-Moderation approach to nutrition delivers powerful antioxidants and phytonutrients to help fight free radicals and maintain your body's overall health.

Enhance Your Joint Health
MonaVie Active is an advanced blend of plant-derived glucosamine, along with acai and 18 other body-beneficial fruits. Scientifically shown to promote healthy joint function, glucosamine targets mobility and flexibility. Get moving today with this vital formula designed to support joint performance and recovery.

Whether it's one bottle or several cases, place an order of MonaVie or MonaVie Active today to deliver the resources your body needs to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Feb 1, 2010

Bronze to Emerald Promotion Winners

Click here for complete details on the Bronze to Emerald Promotion.
Click here to review the Bronze to Emerald Promotion FAQs.

Mohd Annuar Abd Latif
Mohd Hamdi Bin Abdul Jalil
Saleha Abdul Wahab
Zulkifle Abu Bakar
Miyuki Adachi
Satomi Aihara
Christopher Aing
Itua Aitonje
Toshimitsu Aizawa
Charles And Chyna Ajayikhiran
Fuad Ahmad Bin Umar Al As
Rod Aldred
Peri Aldrich
Kimberly Alon-Alon
Heath And Angie Alvey
Norhezlin Amat
Anita Anand
Ken And Cathy Anderson
Ronald Anderson
James Angus
Kazuhito Aragane
Joshua Arango
Deivanai Ap Arjunan
Sivakumar Al Arumugam
Michiko Asama
Bella Astorga Estrada
Paul Atallah
George Ateek
Tang Aun Siar
Charles And Janice Avilez
Satomi Azegami
Nordin Azizam
Sharifuddin B Mohd Ishak
Bj Baker
Georgia And Clayton Baker
Mathieu Barrette
Mark Barth
Daniel Barz
Gregory Baumgartner
Steven Bell
Ivan Bellotto
Eng Beng Guan
Kay Bennett
Danielle Berendsen
James Berry
Neelam Bhatoe
Abdull Aziz Bin Ab.Hamid
Tarmizi Bin Ahmad
Mohd Mohayudin Bin Ali
Mohamed Bin Mohd Nor
Mohd Asrul Bin Mohd Safie
Zulkeflie Bin Othman
Safrizal Bin Riduwan Mohd
Mustafa Bin Sareh
Zakuan Bin Zainal Abidin
Rosnah Binti Yahya
Jeffrey Blakely
Michael Böhler
Shotaro Bohte
Ong Boon Ngoh
Britt Boston
Brett And Rick Boyd/Soto
Judy Brack
Nathan And Lisa Bright
Vjeran Bronic
Di Ann Brookshire
John Brownell
Jeff And Misty Bryant
Azian Bt Ahmad
Adiyanti Bt Hashim
Rosmini Bt Yahya
Hashimah Bte Budin
Nuraini Bte H Yunus
Hamidah Bte Jamari
Mariusz Budrowski
Melody Burkman
John And Shelly Bury
Nelia Burz
Edward Butler
Steve Butler
Kimberly Butts
Jennifer Byrne
Jeffrey Caldwell
Nick Calhoun
Connie Carey
Leah And David Carmo
Veruska Carrion
Don And Natasha Carter
Stephen And Susan Casey
Rosa Castillo
Eddy Chai
Jackie Chamberlain
Chee Kiew Chan
Kheng Loy Chan
Chi Hsiang Chang
H Chang
Leung Che Fung
Shamsudin Che Men
Keng Por Chee
Ng Chee Leong
Chen Jung Chen
Chih Ming Chen
Hsiao Pivg Chen
Meiy Ying Chen
Peh Teh Chen
Yung Tsung Chen
Zan Chen
Mr Danny Cheng
Sandy Cheng
Vincent Cheng
Tim Yoke Chew
Wong Chi Mun
Kim Moey Chia
Steve Chianello
Edward Chin
Toong Kang Chin
Wei Meng Chin
Tan Chin Fatt
Keun Tae Cho
Yang Sup Cho
Jin Soon Choi
Ki Sang Choi
Augustine Kok Hoong Chong
Nicholas K H Chong
Jun Cheng Choo
Jun Kuan Choo
Tan Choo Kian
Chong Choon Voon
Wai Chang Chow
Woon Yoon Choy
Joon Sim Chuah
Ilcho Chung
Charles Clark
Renee And Roger Clark
Rev. Luxy Achille Claude
Christopher Clements
Barbara Clemmons
Jose Ricardo Coello
Scott Conerly
Justin Cooper
Patricia Cortes Lopez
Oscar And Anette Cortinas Jr
Andree Cote
Brian Cox
Bonita Coy
Jason And Rachel Cozad
Timothy Curry
Richard Curtis
Eric Custodio
Terrance Dafoe
Dennis And Paula Dalbeck Jr.
Tena Daniel
Robert Daniels Jr
Alisha Dartige
Frank Davis
Ellen Dean
Joe Decker
Kathryn Del Mastro
Jeffrey And Susan Delany
Kim And Nicholas Dellaera
Svetlana Demaine
Ingrid And Norman Demilio
Christopher Dennis
Marietta And Vince Dennis
Darbin Dewitt
Levi Dias
Scott Dibble
Susi Dickerson
Bruce Dickinson
Crista Didyk
Donna Dilustro
Laurel Dimasi
Marian D?ugowolski
Khoa Do
Julian Doan
Curtis Dooley
Terri Doud
Gillian Drader
Sweet Dream
Jarrod Dresbach
Luc Dupont-Hébert
Sacha Dupont-Hébert
Todd Earnshaw
Colette Ellis
Elena Emmitte
Bong Eun
Jeff Faulkner
Brian And Debra Feeney
Patrick Ferguson
Carlos Eduardo Fernandes Amorim
Bob And Patty Ficarra
Liliana Filip
Ronald Finch
Harry Fisfis
Christine And Abraham Fleury
Edilson Fernando Fogaca
Lee Yok Foh
Heng Fook Onn
Gloria Ford
Jerel Foster
Mackenzie Fotsch
Buntarou Fujikura
Keiko Fukutome
Emiko Furuta
Olivia Gabriel
Makek Gan
Anthony Garay
Eric Gebhardt
Olivier Gelinas
Debra And James Gemuend
Anthony Gentile Jr
Carrie Giaconia
Nancy Giaconia
Patricia Giaconia
Troy Gilliland, D.C.
Mary Girvan
Haruyo Go
Ik Tjen Go
Daniela Goia
Brenda Goldberg
Kenneth Gombash
Kyouko Gondai
Rajoo Govinda
Patrick Grab
Cathy Grady
Dieter Gramenz
Don Grasslin
Michele Gravino
Denise Green
Dirk Griesdorn
Willian Groshok
Yi Huei Guo
Amarjeet Gupta
Nicole Gutierrez Llenza
Angela Haggar
David Hall
Tami-Jo Halliman
Marisa Hamamoto
Kevin And Lisa Hamm
Tom Kyu Han
Dave And Michelle Hansen
Dustin Hara
Ken Hargrove
James Hary
David And Cathy Hawes
Daniel Healy
Brandon Heidemann
Robert Henderson
Larry Heran
Alexander Herr
Elizabeth And Richard Hew
Kennithi Higuthi
Doug Hines
Toshiaki Hiraga
Kamal Hj Mohamad
Hj Huraira Hj Zainal
Thuy Hoang
Mike And Brenda Hoffman
Ute Hoffmann
Yeoh Hoi Ping
Gary Holloway
Doug And Marilyn Holly
Nobuyasu Hontou
Tan Hoo Hout
Alvin Hooks
Ted Horacek
Debbie Hornung
Sayoko Hoshino
Donny Koh Huat
Rhonda Hudson
Pan Hui
Motonobu Hujisaku
Muhammad Dzulnun Huraira
Richard Hutchings
Joong Ha Hwang
Mohd Faizal Ibno
Mohd Faizal Ibno
Umair Ibrahim
Koichi Ichikawa
Ayako Ikawa
Kaoru Imai
Misae Imaizumi
Atsuko Inabe
Emiko Inagaki
Shinichi Inoue
Jade Irwin
Taisuke Isashi
Chihomi Ishii
Daisuke Ito
Osamu Ito
Heather Iverson
Miwa Iwamoto
Mayumi Izushima
Maria Antonieta Jamieson Ojeda
Leah Jang
Ramesh Jaura
Tony Javia
Chan Ho Jeon
Diana So Young Jeon
Lak Jun Jeong
Fu You Jian
Drew Johnson
Dave Johnston
Jerold And Dana Johnston
Maria Guadalupe A Juarez Chavez
Mandy Judd
Yosikazu Jyuhuku
Marina ???hanova
Nozomi Kageyama
Mah Kam Mun
Mah Kam Wah
Tooru Kametani
Nobuhiro Kanata
Derek Kang
Philip Kang
Nicole Kanitz
Nick And Michele Karpinsky
Tamayo Katada
Tokuya Katayama
Manami Katoh
Kumi Kawagoe
Sachiko Kawaguchi
Shinpei Kawahara
Toshiko Kawai
Masako Kawashima
Thomas Keena
Pang Keng Kong
Harold Ketcherside
Lawrence Khoo
Chai Hong Khor
Mike Kiefer
Sandra Kiesel Vanderlaan
Alex Jintae Kim
Hee Kim
Hong Sook Kim
Tae Yoan Kim
Christopher Kim, Jr
Kelly And Lindee Kimball
Edwin King
Randy And Candace King
Shelly King
Akane Kinjou
Yap Kit Chuan
James Ko
Kyu Seok Ko
Kaori Koide
Miwako Kondou
Dennis Muntaek Kong
Matt Korchmar
Stacey Krenning
Eric Kresser
Ragu Krishnan
Arman Kucukkoseoglu
Hui Chu Kuo
Nanako Kurata
Dariusz I Izabela Kuriata
Tadao Kurio
Eiko Kusaba
Wing Kwong
Ryan Kyle
Christina Kyrk
Jennifer Labrie
Eric Laemmlen
Terry Lai
Suzanne Lally
Louis Lamanna
Catherine Larnon Trout
Stephanie Laroche
Bok Rae Lee
Chang Hwan Lee
Chin Hui Lee
Huy Lee
Jean Lee
Jeffrey Lee
Soo Maeng Lee
Sylvia Lee
Tak San Lee
Violet Lee
Lisa Lemontangue
Billy Weng Hoong Leong
Weng Suen Leong
Tang Leong Heng
Dee Lerma
Han Chi Li
Joyce Li
Kuo Liao
Susan Libbey
Khalid Limat
Ruei Fang Lin
Yin Niu Lin
Ying Hua Lin
Bill Linkous
Margie Linkous
Hsin Hui Liu
Jonathan Liu
Qiao Zhi Liu
Natalie Love
Pek Lai Low
Julie Luce
Cari Lugeanbeal
Pik Yu Lui
Ric And Christie Lumbard
Steve Luu
Lim Lye Yim
Glenna And Doug Lynch
Melissa Macey
Diane Mackay
Jackie Mackay
Robert And Karie Sue Maclean
Kenji Maeda
Yumi Maekawa
Alexandra Mahairas
Ritesh Maisuria
Lisa Mangold
Nicholas Markatos
Frank Marques
Lisandra Marte
Gary Martin
Margi Martinez
Salvador Martinez
Marco Antonio Martinez Lopez
Kazuya Maruishi
Kaweh Matin
Takashi Matsumoto
Yoshiko Matsuyama
Carol Ann And Adrian Matthews
Chikako Matuda
Raymond Mauck
Md Muzammil Mazlan
Geri Mcallister
Matt And Shari Mccants
Cindy Mccarren
Bonny Mccomb
Michael Mcconnell
Stephanie Mccormick
Sidney And Tammy Mccorvey
Deborah And Joseph Mccurley
Adam Mcgahee
Patti And Doug Mcguinn
Stewart And Carole Melville
Charles Mendenhall
Ng Meng Lee
Valeria Aparecida Costa Junqueira Mercadante
Pat Mercuri
Mark Mester
Jackie Metzger
Lusukamu Mfutila
Zuhir Midon
Albert And Rebecca Miller
Norito Mitarai
Shinri Miyata
Makoto Mizorogi
Robert And Marsha Moe
Fauziah Mohamed
Ann Mok
Mohd Nadzri Mokhtar
Luz Del Carmen Molina Ruibal
Fabiano Marculino Montarroyos
Tammy Morehart
Victor Moretti
Karen And Brian Morgenweg
Jim Mower
Tomasz Mo?d?y?ski
Brian Muckells
Larry Mudge
Edward Tong And Linda Muliana
Hisaaki Murakami
Kyoujiro Murakami
Rohani Musa
Takako Muta
Asako Muzusima
B N Limbu
Kyoko Nagashima
Mitsuko Nagashima
Patrick Nakamura
Eunhee Nam
Muhd Nasruddin Bin A R
Kimiko Negoro
Carol Neice
Darlene Neilsen
Bret Nelsen
Scot Nesom
John And Michele Neuman
Lori Ng
Sam Ng
Yuhang Ng
Timothy Nguyen
Megumi Niiuchi
Myrna Norquist
Hye Kyong Oh
Shoko Oikawa
Mika Okamoto
Mio Okumura
Mariko Oobayashi
Keiko Oota
Misako Oota
Abd Halim Othman
Shinichi Ozawa
Gary Pace
Anthony Padilla
George Padilla
Chitravalli Palaniappan
Lui Siew Wah And Pan Ju Lin
Gunasilan Paramasevan
Jin Joo Park
Myoung Sun Park
Sang Woo Park
Youm Ki Park
Carlos Parra
Tony Parziale
Michael And Debbie Passero
Leah Passfield
Damian Paszek
Wendy Peacock
Joanne Peller
Lynn Kolynn Peters Kelley
Mike Pettingill
Kevin Pham
Kevin Phan
Mark Piers
Sow Keng Pon
Power Direct Marketing
Gina Prescott
Steve Prudhomme
Marek Przeradowski
David Pynn
Mariusz Rajzner
Vimal Ram
Uthayakumar Ramadas @ S.Ramasamy
Pachayee Ramasamy
Ramila Binti Ramli
Nancy Rank
Timmons Rankin
Uwe Rechenbach
Jason Regalado
Cj Casting Repair
Mike And Donna Reynolds
Susan Kim Rhodes
John And Bonnie Richards
Lori Richardson
Doug And Heather Ridley
Eric Riewer
Dane Robertson
Eric Robles
Dean And Courtney Rodier
Eric Rylka
Hanwook Ryu
Hartirath Sahi
Mohamad Faizal Bin Saidin
Ai Saito
Daisuke Saito
Sayuri Sakai
Atsuko Sakashita
Esther Salas
Leila Samoodi
Carl Sanders
Debbie Sanders
Justin Sanders
Ismail Sapri
Harumi Satou
Shinji Satou
Tai Tay Sau
Rafael Saucedo
Bee Leng Saw
Hitoshi Sawachika
Ashley And Daniel Schaenzer
Clark Scherer Iii
Paul Schiffer
Tim And Julie Schlander
Wayne And Joyce Schmitz
Judy And David Schoechert
Linda And Steve Schoepke
Theresa Scholes
Kathy Schrader
Anna Schwienbacher
Lois Schwindt
Denise Scofield
Julie And Brian Scott
Patricia Seddon
Ong Seok Teng
Liew Shiang Harn
Kayoko Shiawase
Hiroto Shibahara
Setsuko Shimobayashi
Hyun Kyung Shin
Soon Bok Shin
Tae Shik Shin
Hideki Shiratori
Robert Shontz
Doreen Shorts
Ong Sian Leng
Lee Siew Mooi
Lee Siew Moy
Chung Seng Sim
Aj Simonetta
Krystal Smith
Erin Snyder
Slawomir Sobieszczyk
Jun Sik Song
Laura Sonksen
Lay Gee Soon
Denis Sperafico
Vadivelu Sriraam
Sharon Staebell
Dustin Staff
Kurt Starchl
Diana Sterling
Jeff And Shanon Stockhausen
Ruth And Steve Stoffel
Rama Naidu A/L Subramaniam
Lee Suet Kong
Iosif Sulikashvili
Rory And Wendy Summers
Rajandran Supermaniam
Richard Suta
Gerald Sutton
Kesa Suzuki
Tsuneyasu Suzuki
Amy Svendson
Krzysztof Swiderski
Tomasz I Anna Szawerda
Harumi Tagawa
Toshihiro Takama
Kyouhei Takayama
Kazuhira Takimoto
H Y Tam
Junko Tamura
Eng Chiew Tan
Gaik Heah Tan
Soh Khim Tan
Akihiro Tanaka
Hisae Tanaka
Ikuyo Tanaka
Kiyotaka Tanaka
Sadamitsu Tanaka
Yukiko Tanaka
Hiroyuki Tatsukawa
Kim Taylor
Krystin Taylor
Valerie Taylor
Laura Tedeeva
Chia Tee Seng
Vilson Teixeira
Akiko Terai
Regina Thompson
Jim Thomson
Markus Titko
April Tomen
Michiko Tomita
Ayako Tomiyama
Hidehito Tougou
Kristi Travis
Alexander Tsoi
Kunio Tsujioka
Penny Tyner
Makoto Uchimoto
Yoshisane Ueno
Fernando Ufret
Keiichi Umemura
Takashi Umetani
Haruo Urata
Lisa Ursel
Masanori Usui
Frank Van Bree
Keith And Debbi Van Doren
Roger Vanloon
Paramasvaran Varatharaju
Jorge Vargas
Lucy Vargas
Sethu Raman Velusamy @ Vellasamy
Bunkey Ventures
Anthony Vido
Ofelia Villegas
Dan Voit
Natalie Voss
Lance And Julie Vrieze
Bill And Judy Vucurevich
Erin Wagg
Katsuo Wakabayashi
Keiko Wakisaka
Yukikazu Wakisaka
Brent Wall
Mei Chun Wan
Tsou Wan Ting
Andrew Wang
Justin Wang
Li Jung Wang
Michiko Watabe
Robin Weaver
Hok Wee Kong
Tony And Christy Welch
Sante Wellness
Rob Wentz
Eric And Kippen Westphal
Tracey Williams
Jason Wilson
Diana Winney
Marek Wodnicki
Lee Kien Wong
Mee Leng Wong
Soo Soon Wong
Yew Wai Wong
Lan Wong Koy
Jong Cheol Woo
Joe And Kristina Woodruff
Dwaine Wright
Cian Syu Wu
Ted Sh Wu
Paul And Kathy Wuttke
Pawe? Wyszy?ski
Jiang Xiang Feng
Maria Duarte Y Yadira Martinez
Kuniyo Yamaguchi
Tomiko Yamaguchi
Kazuhiro Yamamoto
Masataka Yamamoto
Noriko Yamamoto
Nazrul Yaman
Kouzaburou Yamanouchi
Ruth Yansen
Alice Yap
Ming Yan Ye
Barbara Yeakel
Chow Mei Yeap
Cheng Yun Yen
Lee Yew Cheong
Harry And Cindy Yoder
Mah Yoke Fong
Teo Yoke Mooi
Chiyoko Yokoyama
Tze Seng Yong
Heng Yong Chye
Hideaki Yoshida
Mika Yoshida
Matsuyo Yoshitani
Hiroko Yotugi
Cheng Yu Ching
Michiko Yuasa
Koizumi Dancers Yuugengaisha
Mohd Zahari Bin Zakaria
Nazlan Zainal
Blaine Zehr
Joseph Zimmer

Zulkifle Abu Bakar
Satomi Aihara
Fuad Ahmad Bin Umar Al As
Judie And Bob Allen
Richard And Stephanie Area
Michiko Asama
George Ateek
Lin Austin
Nordin Azizam
Sharifuddin B Mohd Ishak
Herb Kandace Batz
Tarmizi Bin Ahmad
Mohamed Bin Mohd Nor
Winston And Joy Broad
Rosmini Bt Yahya
Nick Calhoun
Simon Cartmell
Phu Chau
Ng Chee Leong
Hsiao Pivg Chen
Wong Chi Mun
Yang Sup Cho
Absolute Choices
Nicholas K H Chong
Tan Choo Kian
Chong Choon Voon
Wai Chang Chow
Jerrod Brown Danny Newcomm
Jeffrey And Susan Delany
Kim And Nicholas Dellaera
Darbin Dewitt
Levi Dias
Marcia Dimartino
Khoa Do
Julian Doan
David Dragna
Donald Dubois
Chiyoko Egashira
Brian And Debra Feeney
Harry Fisfis
Heath And Carolyn Fletcher
Lee Yok Foh
Marcos Fonseca
Makek Gan
Jimmy And Susie Geiskopf
Patricia Giaconia
Daniela Goia
Brenda Goldberg
Dirk Griesdorn
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Jan 14, 2010

Vote for Your Favorite MonaVie EMV YouTube Video

To vote for your favorite MonaVie EMV YouTube Video, all you have to do is watch it! The top three videos with the most views between now and January 30 will be awarded grand prizes.

MonaVie EMV YouTube Video Promotion Grand Prizes*
First Place: MonaVie EMV Smart Car
Second Place: A trip for two (5 days) to Brazil and the MORE Project
Third Place: A cash prize of US$1,000

* Click here for complete promotion rules.

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Jan 14, 2010

Vote for Your Favorite MonaVie EMV Car Wrap

The top three vote getters between now and January 30 will be awarded grand prizes.

MonaVie EMV Car Wrap Promotion Grand Prizes*
First Place: A trip for two (5 days) to Brazil and the MORE Project
Second Place: A trip for two (3 days, 2 nights) to the MonaVie Villa at the Zermatt Resort & Spa in Midway, Utah
Third Place: A cash prize of US$1,000

* Click here for complete promotion rules.

Car 1

Car 2

Car 3

Car 4

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