Sep 2, 2009

Randy and Tara Schroeder Named International Distributor Ambassadors for MonaVie

Watch MonaVie Founder, Chairman, and CEO Dallin A. Larsen explain Randy and Tara's New Role.

Dear MonaVie,

Just over one year ago, we became  MonaVie distributors. At that time, we did not understand exactly how and why MonaVie had so effectively distinguished itself from all industry competitors. Today, one year later, we do understand.

MonaVie embodies the finest principles that govern network marketing today. They've built a hugely successful domestic business based on its Five Star Opportunity: the right product, management, compensation, timing, and cause. Their success is evidenced by recent accolades (e.g., being highly ranked in Inc. 500) and attributed to its distributor-centric focus.

Recently, the MonaVie Executive Team approached us about the possibility of departing from our conventional distributor role to take on a new role. The new role would consist of us helping to replicate the success of the above-mentioned domestic model on a global scale. After careful thought and prayerful consideration, we have chosen to accept the proposal. 

Though no longer a distributor in the conventional sense of the word, we remain independent, and we are not considered  employees of MonaVie. In this new position, our focus will be on helping you build your businesses internationally. We have relinquished our own personal distributorship and position, and no longer receive compensation from the distributor compensation plan. Rather, we are compensated based on the success of the international markets (excluding the United States and Japan). Simply put, we will be traveling the world of MonaVie as your advocate, providing training and guidance, regardless of group or system affiliations.

In close cooperation with Black Diamonds and above, we will work quickly to introduce an internationally accepted basic training program, while encouraging distributors from each line of sponsorship to continue looking to their upline for additional in-depth training.

Here are a few things that you can expect of us: absolute integrity, complete transparency, and professionalism. Our goal will be that as your prospect or group member attends an international event, that they will see MonaVie (and you) in the very best light...every time.

We are energized by this new opportunity to help MonaVie become the very best in every market. We feel that our two decades of global business building have prepared us well for the challenges that will no doubt present themselves. It is our honor and privilege to accept this role. We very much look forward to our association.


Randy and Tara Schroeder
International Distributor Ambassadors

Watch MonaVie Founder, Chairman, and CEO Dallin A. Larsen explain Randy and Tara's New Role.