Jun 30, 2009

Preferred Customer Program

MonaVie is pleased to announce the Preferred Customer Program, which will make it possible for you to receive additional cash in your weekly commissions.

Beginning June 30, 2009, the new Preferred Customer Program allows preferred customers to purchase a wide selection of MonaVie products at the wholesale price. What’s more is that now you can enroll your preferred customers from your Virtual Office. This opens the door to those people you meet every day who are only interested in consuming MonaVie products.

More money in your pocket
When your personally sponsored preferred customers purchase product, you receive half of the total volume from that purchase. Fifty percent of the other half of the total volume is paid out to you as a bonus (e.g., on a one case purchase with 100 PV, you receive 50 PV and US$25).

Pays for your monthly personal product
When you sign up just five preferred customers—and each of those preferred customers purchase at least one case of product each month—the profit earned from those orders will have covered the cost of your monthly personal product!

You can always rely on preferred customers to purchase this exceptional product every month because MonaVie is a product that everyone needs. Now, it’s a company that everyone can be a part of—even those who may not want to be distributors.