Apr 20, 2009

MonaVie Singapore

Setting Up Your MonaVie Commissions Account

MonaVie Commissions is a substantial upgrade from the Ecount program.

Similar to a virtual bank account, MonaVie Commissions provides you with the convenience of securely transferring your earnings into the Singapore savings or checking account of your choice. You can also set up automatic fund transfers on a weekly or monthly basis, or whenever your account balance reaches a specific amount.

Other benefits of MonaVie Commissions include:
•    Live, 24-hour access to commission payments
•    A way to track payments and transactions in local currency
•    Ability to download information into a workable Microsoft Excel file
•    An exchange tool to convert profits into foreign currency*

Please note that when your MonaVie Commissions account is funded for the first time, you will receive an email notification from MonaVie Commissions.†

To set up your account:
1)    Follow the link in the email to www.monaviecommissions.com
2)    Click on Activate Account
3)    Enter your MonaVie Distributor ID
4)    Follow remaining onscreen instructions

Once you are logged into your account, MonaVie Commissions allows you to change languages and provides you with step-by-step instructions on how to remove funds under the View Demos link. The FAQs can also help you learn more about the other features of MonaVie Commissions.

If you have earned a profit and do not receive an email notification, please contact Singapore Distributor Support at 800-1301-745 or send an email to singapore@monavie.com.

You can also view the details of your commission payments each week by accessing your Virtual Office. Click Member Info and then Past History under “Commissions.”

* Subject to withholding taxes.
† This notification is sent to your personal email address that you provide upon enrolling and setting up your Virtual Office. Please make sure your information is up-to-date.