May 10, 2010

MonaVie Set to Launch Germany 2010

MonaVie is delighted to officially announce that we are moving forward with plans to bring the full business opportunity to Germany late May 2010. Germany is one of the most established direct selling markets in all of Europe, and we are grateful for the strong connections that distributors are creating across the globe to make our international expansion plans possible!

As much excitement is certain to be generated by this announcement, please take a minute to review the following pre-market guidelines.

Pre-Market Policies
As with all our international markets, MonaVie is committed to building a legal, sustainable, and long-term business opportunity in Germany. Your dedication and adherence to the guidelines listed below is vital to securing a successful future for MonaVie in Germany and throughout the world. Please be aware that the following activities are not permitted before our launch date:

  • Conducting open meetings
  • Conducting webcasts
  • Advertising on websites

Non-compliance to these policies may result in penalties up to and including termination of your distributorship.

In the coming weeks, once the full business opportunity is open in Germany, individuals will be able to follow the same procedures as other markets and enroll through the MonaVie Virtual Office as follows:

1. Visit, and select the "Enroll" tab. Enter the sponsor's identification number to access the registration screen. (From within the Virtual Office, contacts can select "Enroll a Distributor" from the main menu.)

2. Select Germany as the country where they reside.

3. Enter contact information and complete the enrollment. By entering their full address and details, new distributors will be able to have MonaVie products delivered directly to their homes.

We are thrilled to expand the MonaVie opportunity in Europe and urge you to frequently visit for future updates about this exciting launch.