Oct 12, 2010

MonaVie Recognition Dinner Details

This dinner is limited to the first 50 qualifiers and one guest.  We have provided three exciting ways for you to qualify to attend during the promotional period of week 298 through week 305!

•The first 10 leaders to be paid-as rank of Gold Executive

•The first 20 distributors to achieve the rank of Star, Star 500, Star 1,000

•The first 20 distributors to enrol six new distributors with purchases of 100 PV at the time of enrolment. Note: This can be rolled down through your organization. Example: You personally sponsor two new distributors and these distributors enrol two distributors each for a combined total of six new enrolments in your organization. As long as each enrolment has a 100 PV purchase at the time of enrolment, it qualifies!