Mar 2, 2009

MonaVie Celebrates Grand Opening in Japan

At times the Pacifico Yokohama National Grand Hall shook from the roar of more than 5,000 distributors and guests celebrating the biggest grand opening event in MonaVie history!

From the glimmer of a black Mercedes Benz in the lobby to the illuminated purple searchlights and brilliant MonaVie logo in the conference room, the excitement over MonaVie Japan's Grand Opening celebration on February 21 never dimmed.

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Dallin Larsen, founder and president of MonaVie, welcomed guests by reflecting on the history and tremendous growth of MonaVie in the direct selling industry.

He also expressed his deep belief in MonaVie's five star opportunity:
1) Right Product
2) Right Timing
3) Right Management
4) Right Compensation Plan, and
5) Right Cause

More than anything, these harmonic components will help the company rise in the face of tough economic times. Dallin also enthusiastically announced the first-ever Asia Pacific Conference to be held in Sydney, Australia, later this year. The conference is part of MonaVie's stimulus package, as leaders and top distributors travel to your area to provide inspiration and necessary direction.

For MonaVie leaders, the unprecedented grand opening symbolized how eager people in Japan had been for MonaVie's arrival. Establishing a firm foundation in Japan represents a huge step in MonaVie's goal to become a multi-billion dollar company.

Dallin credited the company's success to the distributors, who will spread the message of health and prosperity one person at a time and help MonaVie gain momentum in the island country and beyond.

"If we all work together, we can change the world," Dallin said. "Many small acts will lead to big results. I believe in all of you. Let's create a wonderful future together."

The Right Product—MonaVie
Jeff Graham, vice president of product management, spoke about the renowned quality of MonaVie products, explaining how the acai berry is gathered and processed into a freeze-dried powder through a unique process. This process helps preserve the berry's rich beneficial properties. He also introduced members of the MonaVie Scientific Advisory Board.

The Right Timing—International Growth
Since launching in the United States in 2005, MonaVie has established opportunities in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Brazil, with openings in Israel and Mexico on the horizon. Doug Allen, vice president of international development, said that MonaVie's global expansion is possible because of the solid foundation the company created in the United States. He also shared his enthusiasm for introducing MonaVie in various countries and how this needed to be done the right way with the right timing. Expanding an organization internationally means that no matter the time of day, MonaVie is touching people's lives!

The Right Management—Inspiring Direction
Tadamasa Shimizu, Japan general manager, received praise and support from MonaVie's corporate leaders at the event, and the crowd soon found out why Dallin held Tadamasa in such high regard. Tadamasa is the type of leader not above doing the small things. When he took the stage, he intimately recounted his experience of personally delivering the first orders of MonaVie to various regions of Japan after its official opening on January 19.

He then showed a video of how MonaVie has grown on the East Asia Island, starting from a small prep room and now moving into a beautifully adorned office in Akasaka, Tokyo. Lastly, Tadamasa invited the entire MonaVie Japan staff on stage, where together they promised to do everything in their power to help support distributors, for which they received a standing ovation from the audience.

Living in Osaka 30 years ago, Randy Larsen, cofounder and executive vice president, expressed his love for the Japanese culture. Randy's wonderful character showed as he shared his experiences with a speech that invited laughter and captured the hearts of the audience, who felt his sincere desire to communicate in Japanese.

Henry Marsh, cofounder and executive vice president, has an enchanting ability to light up a stage and pump up an audience. He did just that in Japan. The former world-class athlete showed footage of his Olympic race to inspire the audience and to teach how passion leads to victory.

Varlin Law, vice president of international sales, expressed gratitude for the MonaVie Japan pioneers, who believed in the company long before an office or a Japan staff was formed. He then shared stories to illustrate Dallin's impact within the company, declaring that Dallin's vision, drive, and integrity are key reasons for MonaVie's overall success.

The Right Compensation Plan—Awards and Recognition

The conference room exploded with applause as distributors, who had achieved the rank of Star or above, made their way on stage to be recognized as the pioneers of MonaVie Japan!

Hawaiian Blue Diamond Recognition
Henry Marsh presented Mr. Shirou Oozono, MonaVie's newest Hawaiian Blue Diamond, with a MonaVie Surf Board.

Black Diamond Recognition

Ms. Kyoko Akiyama, Japan’s first Black Diamond, was presented with a key to a Black Mercedes Benz. She gained a conviction of MonaVie after visiting MonaVie’s corporate headquarters in Utah, where she met Dallin. Her belief in the product, persistence, and hard work has allowed her to achieve great success, even as she waited for the full business opportunity to arrive in Japan.

International Black Diamonds
Crowne Black Diamonds, Brig and Lita Hart (U.S.), as well as Black Diamonds, Scott Olsen (U.S.), Ken and Carol Porter (U.S.), and Megan Wolfenden (Australia) traveled to Japan to congratulate everyone on the significant milestone. They provided wonderful guidance to the Japan distributors, who are ready to follow in their footsteps and achieve similar results.

The Right Cause—The MORE Project
Personally touched by his experience with helping children in Brazil, Randy Larsen followed his speech with a presentation on the MORE Project. While many lives have been positively affected by the MORE Project, Randy stated many more families need help to rise out of their strained circumstances.

Dallin challenged the audience to donate whatever they could to the MORE Project. To the astonishment of MonaVie leaders, the crowd rose from their seats and formed a lengthy line around the conference room. Each guest came up one by one to drop off their donation and to shake hands with Dallin and other MonaVie leaders.

By the end of the event, the MORE Project had received US$25,000 in donations!

Grand Finale

Before the curtains closed, Dallin announced one last surprise—a MonaVie commercial (created specifically for Japan) that would be shown on nine various street television screens in four major locations throughout Japan. The video was then played for the audience and the excitement in the conference room reached its zenith as distributors and guests saw how MonaVie continues to provide them with tools to succeed.

MonaVie Salon

Located above the Japan corporate office in Akasaka, Tokyo, the MonaVie Salon was unveiled with a Ribbon Cutting ceremony as part of the Grand Opening celebration.

Seminars for up to 100 people will take place in the salon. There is also a counter where people can place orders, register, and taste product. One corner of the salon is dedicated to the MORE Project. In addition, computers are available for distributors to view their Virtual Office, while television monitors play MonaVie DVDs to complete the impressive atmosphere.

MonaVie's Grand Opening in Japan was grand indeed. Dallin expressed his deep belief that MonaVie's success in Japan will match, if not exceed, the company's success in the U.S. within three to five years.

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Watch event recap with Dallin Larsen.
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So, it's official: the sun has risen on MonaVie in Japan, and the future looks bright!