May 31, 2011

Earn Extra Commissions through the Growth Bonus*

What would you do with a weekly bonus? Whatever it is, MonaVie’s going to help you make it happen with our new Growth Bonus!

How do I earn a Growth Bonus?
Each week you’ll be awarded growth points based on your “paid as” rank and the distributors with the highest “paid as” ranks in each leg of your personal enrollment tree. Click here to view the Growth Bonus Points Allocation Table.

The Growth Bonus is calculated based on the week under consideration (i.e., the current week) and the week that is four weeks prior to the current week. The Growth Bonus comes in the form of shares from a bonus pool equivalent to the point increase from the prior week to the current week. For example:

  • A distributor earns 11 points in week 295 and 20 points in week 299
  • 20 - 11 = 9-point increase
  • The distributor earns 9 shares in the bonus pool

To earn a Growth Bonus for a given week, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be paid at Bronze Executive or above, AND
  • Be Active with at least 200 PV

Imagine how your life could change with a weekly Growth Bonus—yet another way MonaVie puts its distributors first!

* The Growth Bonus replaces the Bronze to Emerald Promotion, which has been discontinued.