Feb 12, 2010

Commissions Automatically Exchanged to Malaysian Ringgits*

MonaVieExisting distributors who choose to switch their country of record to Malaysia will be able to continue to use and receive commissions through their current MonaVie Commissions account.

Please be advised that after your country transfer request has been submitted, MonaVie is required to exchange any remaining funds in your MonaVie Commission account to Malaysian Ringgits.

MonaVie is pleased to provide you with this service and to provide you with a more favourable exchange rate than the current market offering. Upon country transfer your remaining funds will automatically be converted at rate of 2.1833 per $1 (SGD). Once product is available in Malaysia you will be able to use the DirectPay feature in the Virtual Office to purchase MonaVieTM and MonaVie PulseTM in local currency.

By exchanging your remaining funds into Ringgits, MonaVie is able to satisfy part of the direct selling license agreement with the Malaysian government. Thank you for your understanding in this regard. Compliance to government guidelines provides evidence that MonaVie is interested in building a legal, sustainable, and long-term business within Malaysia.

Please continue to contact our dedicated Malaysia Distributor Support at 1800-81-5220 for any additional questions or concerns.

* Please note that any product information or claims made on this website may not apply to your market. Please refer to your country specific website at www.monavie.com for product information and claims.