Megan and Anthony Wolfenden

Megan and Anthony Wolfenden

Royal Black Diamond

We were looking for a business or investing opportunity that would help us get Anthony out of the workforce. In addition, we wanted to move back to Australia after 10 years in California so that our two boys could get to know their family back here. Little did we know that our amazing opportunity would present itself in the form of an amazing purple juice.

This business gives us an opportunity to get back to the United States regularly and maintain our important friendships there. Many of our friends in California have joined us in MonaVie, and we are very thankful to them for everything. We've also had the privilege of introducing the MonaVie opportunity to Val Wolfenden (Anthony's mom) and her business partner Helen Newham. They have become successful in their own right, and it's been so fun to have them join us on various MonaVie reward trips.

Rob Addie and Onyx Coale taught us that you need a servant's heart and a strong work ethic to succeed. MonaVie has given us an opportunity to help many people, and for that we are grateful.

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