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Success Stories:

Warren Hickey

MonaVie Diamond Executive

Warren Hickey (Before) BEFORE
Warren Hickey (After) AFTER

When Dallin Larsen made the announcement to us at the Diamond Destination that MonaVie RVL was on its way, I just knew it was going to be BIG. I know a bit about being overweight, as I had battled with being overweight for most of my life, and I certainly knew that I was not alone. I was so excited, but at the same time, I was disappointed because I am a distributor who lives in Australia, and I knew it would be some time until we received this amazing product that I so badly needed.

At the age of 39, I was losing my war on weight. I had tried to lose weight so many times before and I had never come close to succeeding. I was starting to lose respect for myself and the weight seemed to pile on even quicker when that happened. At that stage, I weighed 249 pounds.

Even whilst on holiday in Maui, I found myself trying to stay out of photographs because I was that embarrassed of how I looked. In fact, out of 160 photographs taken on that trip, I believe I am in six. The ones I made it into, I either deleted or cropped, taking me out of them altogether. So, when MonaVie RVL was made available for trial through the Friends and Family program shortly after we returned from Maui, I literally begged some amazing folks over in the U.S. to make it possible for me to take part in the 12 week trial from Australia and help me help myself. Amazingly, we managed to pull it off, and after three months of being on the program I had lost 44 pounds. Since then, I have gone on to lose another 12 pounds, and I currently now weigh 193 pounds.

Never had I expected to achieve such a big loss and in such a short period of time. I won't lie and say it was easy. However, I will say it was the easiest program I had tried and came with the largest amount of weight I have ever lost in more than 15 years of failed attempts.

The steps I took initially were simple but very important to me. I first had to establish who I was losing the weight for and why. Even though a big part of this was for my family, at the end of the day I was going to do this mostly for myself. I had been given a golden opportunity to make things right, and I had all the tools to do just that. So, I followed the program religiously for three months whilst making little adjustments here and there to suit my personal schedule and needs. I had a weekly goal, a monthly goal, and obviously a three month goal. I didn't hit every weekly goal, but over the 12 weeks, I achieved my monthly and three month goal.

To be accountable for my actions, I told everyone who was close to me that I was trying to lose weight and that I was undergoing a 12 week challenge. You will be amazed by how much support you get when you let people know what you are doing.

As much as I didn't like exercising, I knew I had to make it a part of the program. Initially I couldn't run far, or for long, so I started walking, and over time I have managed to build that up to the point where I run a minimum of 3.75 miles per run, three to four times a week. I now absolutely love it.

Toward the end of my 12 weeks I lost my father to cancer, on the 13th of December, and prior to this and through his battle with the disease, I asked him so many times to give his best—to try and fight on days that he didn't really feel up to it. And, he did. He never let me down, so why shouldn't I expect that of myself?  I made a deal with myself that whenever I exercised, I would give it my absolute best.

Because the MonaVie RVL products are so convenient and effective, they allow you to focus on the job at hand and on the things that drive you through this journey of becoming a better you. Find out what they are and engage in the program. If you are going to do it, why not do it right? MonaVie RVL has not only changed my health for the better, as well as my life, it has also changed the relationships I have with my family and with myself. I have my self respect back.

I am back, better and stronger than ever before. Next month I celebrate my 40th birthday, and I feel like I am in better shape, physically and mentally, than I was 20 years ago. Thank you MonaVie RVL, and thank you to my sponsors who visit the U.S. often enough to keep bringing me back the products in their luggage. Please, MonaVie, send MonaVie RVL to Australia as soon as possible.