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Vicki Moran

MonaVie Bronze Executive

Vicki Moran (Before) BEFORE
Vicki Moran (After) AFTER

I love the MonaVie RVL Program. I have done so many other diets and I have never had any results. I would lose a little and couldn't lose any more, and then I would quit. My last venture was a program of counting points. Having joined and quit so many times, I was getting so discouraged. I was getting close to hitting the big age 50 and I wanted to take off the weight for good this time, get fit and healthy. I needed this vehicle to get me there.
When the Friends and Family Program for MonaVie RVL came out, I quickly entered and was praying I would get chosen. The day I got the email I was so excited, I felt this was a true blessing to be chosen out of so many people.

I have lost 20 pounds now, and 14 inches. I turned 50 in January and have never felt better. I have more energy and have so much more confidence. I have so many people tell me that I look younger now and that my complexion is glowing. I'm working out 5 to 6 days per week and loving it.

This program is easy to do and tastes great. I love that I don't need to spend a lot of time planning on what to eat. I'm a busy girl, spreading the word of great health.

I have 10 pounds left to lose and I'm going to get there. I have started several of my friends on this program now and they are having great results with it too. It feels so good to help others get healthy too.
Thanks, MonaVie, for such a good product.