RVL Stories

Success Stories:

Troy Hicks

MonaVie Ruby Executive

Troy Hicks (Before) BEFORE
Troy Hicks (After) AFTER

My wife Dianne and I have been with MonaVie for two and a half years and are Ruby Distributors in the business. We have loved MonaVie since the beginning and have believed in the opportunity for success since day one.

Being in the construction industry, the last three years have been very trying for us. We experienced what we felt was a life of building our business and future and having it all crumble and disappear right before our eyes. The stress of our ruin caused me to start experiencing health issues and weight gain. I have always been very large, but as the stress grew, so did my belt size. Satin in every way possible was attacking me. Thank God for his grace! Without Him, I do not think I would have made it to my wonderful opportunity with MonaVie RVL!

When talk started about MonaVie RVL Friends and Family program, I told Dianne, this is my chance. I need this. I will get on this beta test and show everyone what this product can do. See, the truth is, I felt very guilty for losing our floor covering business and our financial security that we had spent our life together building. Dianne had supported every business venture I had been a part of through the years. She loved being part of the MonaVie family and I felt I owed it to her to support her in it. I Prayed, “God let me support her in this business…put me on this beta test…allow us this testimony as support of our MonaVie business venture.”

Well, I did not get in. I was so upset, I was ready to call MonaVie and as we say in the south “pitch a fit!” I thought, I sent them a picture with no shirt. I told them my weight of 301 pounds. What is wrong? Are they scared their product does not work well enough to except the challenge of a big boy? Then I found out that Jeff Graham was coming to Atlanta the very next night. God started dealing with me. Are you going to just accept this? Do you really want this? Do you just want to have ANOTHER pity party and cry poor me, or will you fight for what you want? That night I went to the meeting. I ignored my downline partners who were there. I was on a mission to find Jeff Graham, let him see me, and not take no for an answer. I found him! I followed him! I wouldn’t shut up! I GOT IN! (Thanks Jeff!)

Then I thought, now I’m in and it’s time to lose weight. Oh crap, what have I gotten myself into? I’m a food connoisseur; I can’t live on two shakes a day. God, you are in control, I said, I can’t do this without your help.

 After starting the shakes, it took a couple of days but the shakes started tasting better and better, the weight started coming off, and the excitement started rising. I lost 10 pounds, then 15 pounds, and then 25 pounds. It was going great; so great losing weight that I didn’t even realize what else was happening. I had more energy, more focus, and more confidence. I began working out, walking, running, and became more focused with every thought and feeling.
Our MonaVie business excitement was back as well as our granite counter top business excitement. To sum it up, MonaVie RVL has helped me in every area of my life. First and foremost is a clear mind to enjoy a closer walk with God. I have started to grow both my granite and my MonaVie businesses. Oh yeah, and did I mention I have lost 60 pounds?

Thank you MonaVie RVL, you have changed my life. Thank you, Jeff, for giving in. You and Dallin may have had the competition, but I came out the true WINNER!