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The Balusek Family

MonaVie Gold Executive

The Balusek Family (Before) BEFORE
The Balusek Family (After) AFTER

The Balusek family—parents Vince and Lori, and kids Joshua, Lexis, and Kamryn—has such an inspiring story about their use of the MonaVie products. Together they have lost close to 450 pounds and counting!

In January of 2011, MonaVie launched the RVL Premier Weight Solution; the most nutrient-dense weight program on the market.  This is where the real success comes in.  Once the family began the RVL program, their lives changed forever.  Joshua, out of high school, has lost over 80 pounds; Lexis, a high school student, has lost over 70 pounds; and Kamryn, an elementary school student, has lost over 65 pounds.  Vince and Lori have had great success as well.  Vince has lost over 120 pounds and Lori has lost over 100 pounds.

The Balusek family now has an active lifestyle.  They exercise, cycle, rock climb, and jog together, along with other activities.  They’ve even completed a 10-kilometer race as a family.  Joshua was able to begin the process of joining the army, which he couldn’t do when he was overweight.  Lexis and Kamryn have become more involved in activities in school such as track and other physical activities.

Vince and Lori have been successful not only in making their own lives  and the lives of their children better with the weight loss solution, but have also been successful in the business aspect of MonaVie.  They are currently Gold Executives and continue to excel in the company and run a strong business.

How They Did It
On their weight loss journey, the Baluseks made some important changes to their nutrition and health practices.

Part of the transformation the Baluseks went through was to go from a sedentary life to an active life. You can do the same! Follow their example and become more active as a family; you might even run in a race as a group like the Baluseks did.

Exercise was just the start for the Baluseks. They also changed how they fueled their bodies.

Eat better. You already know that healthy foods are better for you, and so did the Baluseks. Adding healthier foods to their diet was an important step. They also added the incredible nutritional and health benefits of their favorite MonaVie Juices—Essential, Pulse, (M)mun, Pulse, and Active.

Eat More Often. It sounds counterintuitive, but eating smaller meals more often helps you to lose weight. When you eat five to six small meals throughout the day you help to stabilize your blood sugar, helping your body shed those extra pounds.

Make Each Calorie Count. The biggest transformation for the Baluseks was adding the RVL Premier Weight Management Solution. The most nutrient-dense weight management system available, RVL provided the Baluseks calories packed with nutrients rather than empty calories that went straight to the waistline. The RVL Shake, Diet Supplement, and Snack Bars can help you meet your weight goals as well by giving you the right nutrition in the right way at the right time.

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