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Steve Craig Warren

MonaVie Distributor

Steve Craig Warren (Before) BEFORE
Steve Craig Warren (After) AFTER

I really enjoyed being on the program. I must say it was one of the easiest weight management programs I've ever done.

The reason I needed to lose the weight was my clothes were starting to fit “a little snug” and I was having a hard time doing the little things like bending over and tying my shoes. I also have a granddaughter who is almost 3 and I wanted to be around to have a good life to be able to spend time with her.

I was inspired by two things, first my wonderful wife who backed me from day one. And second, my TEAM who also inspired me. Every week when I would see them, they wanted to know how much I had lost and told me how good I was looking, so I just keep going to be an inspiration for them when they were able to get the product.

During the program I ended up losing 31 pounds, my goal was to lose 40. At present time I'm down 35 pounds. I want to reach my goal weight by the end of January. I truly can say from the bottom of my heart that I LOVE the products. The taste of them was so good, I actually was looking forward to each time I had to drink my shake or eat a bar.

Each time I would step on the scale and see the weight loss it was like, “YES!” another pound gone or half pound gone. I was so inspired to keep drinking the shakes and eating the bars and taking the supplements. I think if you were to ask several of my TEAM members, they would say that I've inspired them. Trey, Sam, Dave are just a few names that come to mind.

Again, thank you MonaVie, for allowing me this opportunity to use your product and be an inspiration to my TEAM!