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Stephanie Cook

Lose for MORE Challenge Winner - MonaVie Gold Executive

Stephanie Cook (Before) BEFORE
Stephanie Cook (After) AFTER

"My name is Stephanie Cook. You may have heard of my story via Facebook, other people, or myself. It is my goal to get my story known and told...so I tell it to you. I have lost 50 pounds and 40 inches.

"RVL and MonaVie have given me my life back. I will not stop telling people about RVL and sharing with people the wonderful testimonials of how MonaVie has changed so many lives, and is helping people to achieve their dreams.

"I have been overweight my entire life! I was chubby as a kid, overweight as a teenager and young adult, and obese most of my adult life. I have been dieting for 22 years, with minimal results. I have tried many, many programs including: extreme exercise, starvation, grapefruit diet, cabbage soup diet, all vegetable and fruit diet, protein diets, cleansing, shakes, healthy eating, daily hormone shots, many other brands of weight loss programs, and I have had gastric bypass surgery. These have ALL failed me which caused me to fail myself. I would quit whatever plan I was on and gain what weight I did lose plus a little to a lot more. I have never given up hope that I would find something that would work for me, even though I didn't believe it was out there. I have had a serious bout of depression and had all but given up on life and was waiting for "my time" to come. My wonderful husband couldn't do anything to "fix" me and was very scared for me.

"My husband likes to say MonaVie has given him his wife back. For that, he will be forever grateful to MonaVie. He wonders how many other lives can be saved by the products of MonaVie, by the leadership of MonaVie, and by the inspiration of MonaVie.

"My life was about nothing. My life is now about something. Thank You MonaVie!"