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Sheila Dale

MonaVie Distributor

Sheila Dale (Before) BEFORE
Sheila Dale (After) AFTER

I am so blessed of God to have been introduced to MonaVie one year ago. And, I have never experienced a program or a company with so much support as MonaVie RVL. It has helped me get my life back.

I have energy I never thought possible. The encouragement I got every week just by filling out the survey was the greatest help.

The convenience of the shake and bars were of the utmost help. I have a very busy life and it is so good just to mix up a shake and go. Just open a snack bar, and knew I was putting the best of the best into my body. I could mentally feel the change within days and physically in less than a week.

I have been encouraged by friends and family. They are amazed at how much I have lost. I have not only lost pounds, but inches as well. And the weight is still coming off. I can't imagine not having MonaVie RVL as part of my life or my family's life. The proof is in the pudding. Seeing is believing!