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Success Stories:

Scott Howe

MonaVie Diamond Executive

Scott Howe (Before) BEFORE
Scott Howe (After) AFTER

I had a number of reasons I decided I needed to lose some weight. I’ve had troubles sleeping and my doctor told me that losing weight would help. Since I have lost weight with MonaVie RVL, I feel much better in the mornings and I’m sleeping better.

My second reason was that I had scheduled total knee replacement for my left knee on January 11. Because I had my right knee replaced three years earlier, I knew that if I could lose some weight it would be easier for the rehabilitation process.

My third reason was that my six year old granddaughter, Callie, had said a number of times that, “Papa, you have a big tummy.”

I started the MonaVie RVL program on November 15, which in North Dakota meant that there was about six to seven weeks of pheasant hunting left in the season. I say this because I immediately had reservations about drinking only a shake for breakfast before going hunting. I told my wife that I did not believe that I would have the energy needed to complete a day of hunting. However, I was very wrong. I had plenty of energy and also would bring the suppliment along to take during the hunting trips. During the hunts, I would bring the RVL snack bars when I would start to get hungry.
Whether it was hunting or every day activities, I have great energy and have not felt this good in a long time. Thanks MonaVie RVL!
My total weight loss so far is 19 pounds, as I started weighing 250 and I am now at 231.