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Success Stories:

Sandi Mahrer

MonaVie Blue Diamond Executive

Sandi Mahrer (Before) BEFORE
Sandi Mahrer (After) AFTER

I have been overweight most of my life. It started in Elementary School when I had to come home from school by myself because both of my parents had to work. My older sister (Cindy) didn’t get home until after I did and my younger sister (Gina) was at a sitters. At this very young age, I learned that food could make me comfortable and not afraid.

Through my life, I used food to comfort me. When I started to lose my hearing and was told that I would become completely deaf, I again used food for comfort.

As the years have gone by I have tried many things to lose weight. I have lost some here and there, but it always seemed to find me again. So, as you can tell by my letter, I feel God has his hand in this new product that our company has developed called MonaVie RVL. And because Gina and Steve Merritt (my sister and her husband) cared enough about us to share this incredible opportunity with us, I have since received a Cochlear Implant that has changed my life forever.

So, down 27 pounds and two sizes, I am on my way!