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Samuel Saenz

MonaVie Bronze Executive

Samuel Saenz (Before) BEFORE
Samuel Saenz (After) AFTER

When I attended the MonaVie Family Reunion in August 2010, I weighed approximately 250 pounds and I could not wait for the MonaVie RVL product to be released. I have tried just about every diet there is and I have never been able to stick to any of them for more than a month.

I received my MonaVie RVL in November and started the day after I received it. I was amazed at how good the product was and knew that I would be able to stick to the program. I was faithful on the program through Thanksgiving, Christmas, my 40th birthday, and New Years. As anyone knows, the holidays are the toughest times for anyone to lose weight. The average person actually gains weight at Thanksgiving and Christmas and I was able to lose weight thanks to MonaVie RVL.

I am now at 212 pounds, just 12 pounds away from my goal weight of 200 pounds. I truly believe that I can reach my goal weight by summer. This is a simple program and I think almost anyone could do it.