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Samuel Clavell

MonaVie Bronze Executive

Samuel Clavell (Before) BEFORE
Samuel Clavell (After) AFTER

As an author of a bestseller, an international public speaker, and a corporate business consultant, I was aware of the importance and relevance of having an impacting and attractive personal branding.  Even though I recognized that image was an important part, I was always fighting with my weight and physical look.

I tried running, spinning, even weight lifting but the “panza” (belly) was very hard to lose (almost impossible).

In October, Black Diamond Angel Matos, included me in the MonaVie RVL Friends and Family program. Immediately I committed myself to not only give it a try, but to change my eating and exercise habits. The result was immediate and noticeable.  Not only was my body changing, but my energy, my passion, and of course my wardrobe was changing as well. I lost 24 pounds, but what was more important, I went from 32 BMI to 20 BMI.

People are talking, customers are asking, but more importantly, now I have a solution and healthy alternative for those who want to lose weight, stay at their ideal weight, or change and have better nutrition and eating habits. The business is growing and my belly is shrinking.  My wife is happy and I am committed to more.

The combination of MonaVie RVL and MonaVie health juices, give me the best nutrition and the best look.

Thanks MonaVie because MonaVie RVL is revealing the best of me.