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Sabrina Ware

MonaVie Distributor

Sabrina Ware (Before) BEFORE
Sabrina Ware (After) AFTER

I have been overweight almost my whole life, and I just kept getting bigger and bigger after I hit my mid-twenties. I tried diets, pills, exercise, and other programs. I was on a point counting system for a whole year before I lost 20 pounds. This is the first product that actually was easy, fit into my busy schedule, and worked.

I am down 42 pounds and feel great. One thing that really impacted me is that I travel on airplanes a lot for work and could never put down the little tray in front of me and place my drink on it during the flight. I could never get it past my belly. I was able to put it down on my last flight and it brought tears to my eyes. Something so simple that means nothing to other people. Thank you so much MonaVie!