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Russ Aker

MonaVie Silver Executive

Russ Aker (Before) BEFORE
Russ Aker (After) AFTER

On October 25, 2010, I weighed in during a visit to my doctor at 230 pounds—five pounds heavier than my previous visit. My blood pressure was high; I had already been warned in several previous visits to lose weight so that I could hopefully lower my blood pressure. This was basically my last warning from the doctor. Determined to lose the weight and reduce my blood pressure, I waited anxiously for the RVL products to arrive on my doorstep.

My first order arrived on November 11, 2010. I started the RVL program right away. I had been exercising regularly for years and years, but I had also been eating more. I had also been exercising less over the last few years. With RVL, I stepped up my exercise with a daily, healthy regimen of weight training and cardio. About the middle of January, my oldest daughter called to tell me that she was registered to run a half marathon in Seattle, WA. That fit perfectly with my goals, so I also registered for the half marathon. I searched out a good training program and began some casual running. Around April, 2011, I stepped it up and began my 10-week marathon training plan. On April 27, 2011, I went in for a six-month checkup with my doctor. I weighed in at 190 pounds and my blood pressure had dropped! I continued training and ran the half marathon with my daughter on June 25, 2011.

I visited my doctor again on July 28, 2011. She was excited to see that I had not only lost an additional five pounds but that my blood pressure was excellent! My goal is to maintain my weight at or near 185 pounds. I continue to use RVL as a part of my plan along with my regimen of daily exercise. By the way, my doctor was interested in learning more about RVL, so I gave her some samples . . . but that's another story and a work in progress.