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Rocky Femia

MonaVie Distributor

Rocky Femia (Before) BEFORE
Rocky Femia (After) AFTER

Back in December 2010, I was 300 pounds and my whole body hurt just walking around. I was told about this new product that MonaVie was going to be introducing soon that was packed with nutrition and came as a shake. I had tried all the conventional weight loss programs (counting points, pre-planned meals, etc.). I started using the MonaVie RVL product in December 2010, and started losing weight. And, people started noticing. By April 2011, I had lost 70 pounds.

I still have 45 pounds to go. I know that I can reach that goal in the next couple of months with MonaVie RVL. I have a bad hip. I need a hip replacement, and I can't exercise outside of playing golf and walking around each hole (can't walk the whole course). If I could exercise, I would have lost more weight. My whole life has changed, and I really want to help the world to lose weight too (with MonaVie RVL).