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Roberto Magellan

MonaVie Silver Executive

Roberto Magellan (Before) BEFORE
Roberto Magellan (After) AFTER

After realizing that I was overweight, according to my BMI, I understood how important it was for me to shed the extra pounds. In fact, with my first three bottles of MonaVie Active I had already lost 14 pounds, as I would rarely eat fruits before. Being part of this fantastic family of health-conscious individuals—having the topic of health, nutrition, friendships, plus always bringing a message to others and helping everyone understand the serious consequences of being unhealthy—indeed makes my life more meaningful. On top of that, the chance to help kids in Brazil and in other parts of the world, to help preserve the Amazon Rainforest, the world's number one lung, and to help our family and friends be healthy—it brings me and my family great joy from being part of this great company.

I started with MonaVie RVL in November and through Thanksgiving and the holidays I was able to lose 20 pounds. Better yet, I'm able to control my weight now that I reached my goal.