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Robert Padgett

MonaVie Distributor

Robert Padgett (Before) BEFORE
Robert Padgett (After) AFTER

I started my journey to better health when I was introduced to the MonaVie opportunity through a friend of mine in September 2010. I started drinking MonaVie Active and I was hooked.
I have struggled all my life with weight and when MonaVie said they were getting into weight management, I was excited because I already knew that the MonaVie juices were fantastic. I knew that if the MonaVie RVL product was anything like them, I was going to finally do something about my weight problem.

I was a pre-launch user of MonaVie RVL and started at 254 pounds. I was able to lose weight even through the holidays. When MonaVie started the MonaVie RVL Lose for MORE Challenge, I knew I could do something that was bigger than me since I had already lost 33 pounds. This wasn't just about me, it was about giving back to the kids in Brazil. So, I knew from here on out, the challenges I faced to reach my goal were nothing compared to the struggles these kids face daily.

I wanted to be a product of the product, so I followed the two shake program and walked. My goal was to get to 182 pounds. I have not reached it yet, but I will. So all together, I will have lost 75 pounds and would be glad to pledge that amount of money to The MORE Project.

Thank you, MonaVie, for changing my life both physically and financially!