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Brian Wright

MonaVie Gold Executive

Brian Wright (Before) BEFORE
Brian Wright (After) AFTER


I actually started a strenuous program of hiking four times a week up a ridge in Pleasanton. The hike takes approximately two hours, 3.5 miles up (one hour) and 3.5 miles down (one hour). I started this exercise program last May weighing in at 235 pounds. After six months of hiking, consistently, four times a week, I was only able to lose 15 pounds (less than 3 pounds a month).

Diet was my main problem. I was a storer of fat. My Metabolism was slow. I was VERY frustrated because I was working really hard with mediocre results, still fat, and still 220 pounds with a BMI of more than 30.

Now I’m amazed! I did the same workout program with a dramatic difference in results, thanks to MonaVie RVL. My body has completely transformed. I no longer want to store fat like a bear for winter. I now feel like a fat burning machine!

MonaVie RVL has changed everything for us. It's an amazing product. We're so excited to share our story with our friends and change their lives. It's the easiest weight loss program I've ever done!

My wife, Leanna, and I are so grateful to MonaVie for many reasons. MonaVie has changed us on every level. Thank you for everything MonaVie!