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Jul 30, 2009

MonaVie EMV Launches in Canada

A crowd exceeding maximum capacity celebrated the launch of MonaVie EMV in Canada at our Edmonton City Meeting on July 25, 2009.

As part of the celebration, distributors and MonaVie Executives, including Founder, Chairman, and CEO Dallin A. Larsen, gathered the next day, July 26, to cheer on Tomas Scheckter and the MonaVie EMV car in the Edmonton Indy.

Watch Dallin's video recap of race day.
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A Toast to MonaVie's Future Success

Hundreds of excited distributors from different Canadian provinces joined Founder and Vice Chairman Randy Larsen and MonaVie Canada's Director of Operations Connie Ricciardi for the release of our healthy energy drink.

With a can of MonaVie EMV raised to the crowd, Jeff Graham, vice president of product management, started the meeting with a toast to MonaVie's future success in Canada and around the world.

Jeff also spoke about how MonaVie EMV is making waves in the energy drink market. As a healthy alternative to other energy drinks, you can recharge your body and mind with a boost of sustained energy anytime with MonaVie EMV.  Best of all, with no artificial preservatives or synthetic stimulants, MonaVie EMV can meet your everyday energy needs without causing jitters or crashes.

MonaVie EMV Website for Canada
You can learn all about the science and benefits of the new product by visiting our new MonaVie EMV website for Canada. Through a fresh, modern web design and style, is your source for everything you need to know to effectively share MonaVie EMV in Canada.

Click here to view the MonaVie EMV product information website for Canada.

Scheckter Celebrates with Distributors

Tomas Scheckter, driver of the MonaVie EMV Indy car, joined the festivities at the Edmonton Meeting. Dressed in his official MonaVie race gear, Scheckter thanked distributors and MonaVie for the support he has received on the Indy Racing League circuit.

Changing Lives and Preserving the Rainforest

Randy gave a passionate presentation on how MonaVie is helping to preserve the Amazon Rainforest and providing natives with a renewable source of income. The income Brazil workers are earning from harvesting the acai is leading to improved health, more education, and better living opportunities.

"When you drink MonaVie with the acai berry you are literally saving the planet and changing lives," Randy said.

In addition to planting thousands of additional acai palm trees in Brazil, MonaVie has partnered with a branch of the Brazilian government to teach Amazon natives the techniques of sustainable harvesting that will ultimately help preserve the rainforest's delicate ecosystem.

Distributors Cheer on Scheckter and View MonaVie Jet

As part of the celebration, distributors gathered the next day, July 26, to cheer on Scheckter as he raced in the Edmonton Indy.

Watch Dallin's video recap of race day.
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Before the race, plenty of distributors showed up at the Edmonton Municipal Airport to take pictures of the MonaVie Jet. Distributors also got a chance to speak one-on-one with members of the MonaVie Executive Team, including Founder, Chairman, and CEO Dallin A. Larsen.

Scheckter also made a special appearance at the MonaVie Jet, hours before the race, to take pictures with distributors and sign autographs.

After a strong start, Scheckter's day was cut short by a couple of unfortunate incidents. At one point, he spun and made contact with the retaining wall. He finished 18th overall and will look to rebound in upcoming competitions.

Click here to see Tomas Scheckter's and the MonaVie EMV car's full season schedule.

Jul 29, 2009

MonaVie Simplifies New Enrollment Process

MonaVie is pleased to announce that we've streamlined the online enrollment process on the Virtual Office, providing new enrollees with an easy method of joining the MonaVie family. These new enhancements, which go into effect Tuesday, August 4, 2009, are intuitive, user friendly, and make signing up for AutoShip easier than ever.

We hope you enjoy the convenient benefits of the new enrollment process and look forward to your continued success as we work together to share the MonaVie opportunity.

Jul 29, 2009

MonaVie Is Moving Onward and Upward

As the No. 1 fastest growing private company in Utah and in the Inc. 500 Food & Beverage category, MonaVie has achieved phenomenal success in only four and a half years of existence. The company's success has been nothing short of revolutionary, which makes it all the more amazing to think about the incredible feats that lie in store.

Given the trends of the most successful companies in the direct selling industry, it is quite evident that we've only begun to scratch the surface of what we will accomplish in our industry. Many of the most well-known companies in direct selling experienced their best years well after their 10-year anniversaries, some experiencing more than 100% increases in revenues. Because the best entrepreneurs in the world are at MonaVie, we are poised to continue to top the charts for decades to come.

Indeed, our best years are ahead of us. Together, we will achieve our vision of becoming a $20 billion company in 20 years!

Jul 29, 2009

MonaVie EMV Athlete Wins Silver Medal at World Games

MonaVie EMV professional wakeboarder Raimi Merritt narrowly missed winning gold at the 2009 World Games in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, as the 16-year-old finished seven-tenths of a point behind the overall winner to take home the silver medal.

"It was an amazing experience," Merritt said. "To be able to fly across the world and wakeboard on an amazing lake with all those spectators was awesome. I'm going to cherish this experience."

Merritt was one of only two female riders selected to represent the United States at the 2009 World Games, which are held every four years and showcases sports not featured at the Olympic Games.

Merritt will compete next at the Pro Wakeboard Tour in Reno, Nevada, August 14–16, 2009, and then at the WWA World Championships in Orlando, Florida, August 27–30, 2009.

For more information about Merritt, visit

Jul 28, 2009

Scheckter Starts Strong, but Retires Early at Meijer Indy 300

Unable to practice the day before the Meijer Indy 300 due to rain, Tomas Scheckter didn't quite get the performance he needed from the MonaVie EMV car on race day. Scheckter started out in the 23rd position and gained positions early on, but had to come in on lap 37 to repair his rear roll bar. The handling of the car deteriorated further, so rather than risk damaging the car, the team decided to park it early. Scheckter retired after completing 59 laps of the 200-lap race.

"Unfortunately, we were unable to get out on track [the day before the race] because of the wet circuit," Scheckter said. "But it's the weather, and there is nothing you can do about it. It's great that the fans stuck it out for the autograph session."

Jul 27, 2009

MonaVie Organizational Call—Monday, September 14, 2009, 8 p.m. (MDT)

Due to the Labor Day (U.S.) holiday, MonaVie will postpone the next Organizational Call until Monday, September 14, 2009.

We invite you to participate in the call hosted by Founder, Chairman, and CEO Dallin A. Larsen on Monday, September 14, 8 p.m. (MDT). Dallin will be checking in from Maui, Hawaii, at this year's Diamond Destination.

The time has never been better than right now to be a part of the MonaVie family, and we hope you take this opportunity to be a part of the conversation.

Click here to learn how to participate in the MonaVie Organizational Call.

Jul 25, 2009

Mexico Grand Opening Recap

Watch Dallin A. Larsen’s grand opening video message.
Watch the grand opening highlights.
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MonaVie’s grand opening celebration in Mexico attracted nearly 1,500 distributors and guests at the event, while more than 8,500 joined the festivities online. MonaVie’s Executive Team provided Mexico’s growing distributor base with essential tips for building a successful MonaVie business.

One of the principles MonaVie is built on is a commitment to give to those in need. With that in mind, Founder, Chairman, and CEO Dallin A. Larsen decided to kick-off MonaVie Mexico the right way by announcing the MORE Project.

The MORE Project Comes to Mexico

Dallin announced MonaVie’s new involvement and commitment to disadvantaged children in Mexico. Fundación Mexico Unido has teamed up with MonaVie to help build schools, support underprivileged teens, and give back to children with disabilities all across Mexico. While the MORE Project in Brazil will remain as the company’s principal philanthropy project, contributions to the MORE Project made by Mexico distributors will automatically be funneled to the Fundación Mexico Unido.

The decision to bring the MORE Project to Mexico came during MonaVie’s prelaunch tours in March when Dallin looked up on the hillside near Mexico City and saw a village that matched conditions found in the slums of Brazil. Moved by the image and at his wife’s (Karree) suggestion, Dallin made a commitment to bring the MORE Project to Mexico.

Fundación Mexico Unido was founded by Fernando Lernandos Verdugo, who is well known in Mexico for his multiple charity organizations. After meeting Mother Teresa when he was 18-years-old, Fernando decided to dedicate his life to serving others. Dallin described Fernando as the perfect person to help MonaVie give back to the people of Mexico.

By the end of the conference, the audience contributed $105,588 MXN to help get MORE Mexico off to a great start.

Built on Solid Principles

With the MORE Project in Brazil and Mexico, MonaVie continues to show that it is a company built on solid principles. Those principles stem from a five-star business model that lies at the heart of MonaVie’s tremendous success. Dallin outlined each of these principles with Mexico distributors:

  1. The RIGHT Product
  2. The RIGHT Timing
  3. The RIGHT Management
  4. The RIGHT Compensation
  5. The RIGHT Cause

MonaVie Mexico General Manager Alfonso Todd is part of the right management team, and promised distributors that the MonaVie Mexico staff is always looking for ways to help maximize the MonaVie opportunity in Mexico.

Alfonso announced that two new brochures-World of Opportunity and MonaVie Bottle-will be available in Mexico before the end of July, along with Mexico’s version of the Total Wellness Journal, which contains valuable insights and pictures of Mexico field leaders.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at Mexico Office

About 100 guests gathered at the official opening of the MonaVie Mexico Office in Mexico City on Friday, July 10.

Marco Antonio Regil, a famous television personality in Mexico and a MonaVie distributor, introduced Dallin at a press conference for members of the Mexico media.

The new office will serve as the administrative headquarters for the MonaVie staff in Mexico as well as a place for distributors to pick up products and hold meetings.

Equipped with wireless computer capabilities, the office’s two meeting rooms can hold 40-70 people with a movable wall that will allow for a total capacity of 110 people. Distributors will also enjoy six different lounge areas and a MonaVie store.

Watch the MonaVie Mexico office ribbon cutting video.

MonaVie Set for International Growth

Having a local office in Mexico speaks to MonaVie’s commitment for international growth.

For five consecutive years, MonaVie has grown annually by nearly 200 percent. That amount of success and growth is unprecedented in the direct-selling industry, said Devin Thorpe, MonaVie’s chief financial officer.

Devin not only reassured distributors of MonaVie’s present success and financial stability, but he also reiterated MonaVie’s tremendous potential for future growth in Mexico and internationally.

With distributors connecting with people around the globe, the demand for MonaVie products continues to expand worldwide. MonaVie is moving forward with a strategic plan to open up new markets at the right time and in the right way.

“Despite our great accomplishments, success is not behind us; success in Mexico and internationally lies ahead of us.”

~Devin Thorpe, Chief Financial Officer

Transform Your Life

Special guest speaker Samuel Clavell, a best-selling author in Mexico, challenged the audience to change their mindset, become entrepreneurs of their own lives, and to use MonaVie as their resource.

Author of “How Do I Create My Own Cheese?” Clavell emphasized that in order to obtain success we must be willing to transform our lives. This is done by manufacturing change in our lives, and through a series of strategic steps:

  1. Create a Reason.You don’t have to know how to achieve your dreams; you just need a big enough reason to pursue your dreams.
  2. Dream Big. You are the architect of your future.
  3. Consistency and Persistence.
  4. Manage Objections and Solve Problems.
  5. Be Yourself.

Think Like a Champion

MonaVie Founder and Vice Chairman Henry Marsh captured the crowd’s attention with his ability to motivate and inspire.

Using stories from his days as a four-time U.S. Olympian, Henry encouraged distributors to learn from their mentors, to find strength among their weaknesses, and to most of all develop enough passion to make sacrifices and stay focused no matter the hurdles they have to jump over.

“Some people look at obstacles as something that will hold them back. I look at obstacles as an opportunity; if you can handle the obstacles in life well, you will win.”

~Henry Marsh, Founder and Vice Chairman

Distributors Recognized

Mexico’s first Diamond Executives, Grant Ferguson and María Carreón, received their pins at the grand opening, as did a number of Ruby and Emerald Executives.

Mexico’s promising leadership encouraged fellow distributors to remove doubts from their mind by believing in the product and MonaVie’s Executive Team and by continuing to help others through the MonaVie cause.

“To produce the type of hard work that leads to success, you need a vision; and, the vision comes from a belief in MonaVie,” Grant said.

Black Diamond Provides Advice

The day ended with Crowne Black Diamond Steve Merritt sharing his passion for MonaVie with those in attendance. He also left the audience with several business building tips:

• Enroll in AutoShip
• Stay patient with your team
• Sponsor two people as quickly as possible
• Don’t worry about knowing all the answers

“Average people can become great through MonaVie,” Steve said.

Watch Dallin A. Larsen’s grand opening video message.
Watch the grand opening highlights.
View the photo gallery.

Jul 25, 2009

Dr. Stephen T. Talcott Joins MonaVie Scientific Advisory Board

MonaVie is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Stephen T. Talcott to the MonaVie Scientific Advisory Board (MSAB).

Dr. Talcott is an Associate Professor of Food Chemistry in the Department of Nutrition and Food Science at Texas A&M University. Previously he was an Associate Professor of Food Chemistry at the University of Florida (Food Science and Human Nutrition Department). He received his PhD in Food Science and Technology from the University of Arkansas.

A leading expert on the acai berry, Dr. Talcott has been recognized for his significant contributions in expanding the understanding of the phytochemistry, stability, health benefits, and marketability of acai since 2002. He has published numerous articles on acai as well as over 55 peer-reviewed articles in top level food chemistry journals, over 50 technical abstracts, and six book chapters. Dr. Talcott also specializes in the stability and changes that take place in antioxidant compounds during post-harvest handling, food processing, and storage.

"I am impressed with the level of science and research that MonaVie puts behind its product portfolio and product development efforts," Dr. Talcott said. "This level of commitment to food and nutritional quality sets MonaVie apart, and I am happy to be a part of an organization that has these factors as part of its core values."

Read Dr. Talcott's complete bio.

Jul 24, 2009

Watch the Vancouver Regional Rebroadcast

More than 10,000 distributors and guests from around the world watched the live webcast of the Vancouver Regional Meeting on Saturday, August 29. If you missed all or part of the live webcast, you can watch the full rebroadcast until Wednesday, September 2.

Watch as Founder, Chairman, and CEO Dallin A. Larsen and other MonaVie leaders reveal the latest news and announcements in the world of MonaVie. Available in six languages.

Click here to watch the rebroadcast. (Includes dead times before the event and during the lunch break. Please use the video player to scroll directly to the action.)

Jul 23, 2009

Watch the "First Class to Fenway" Video

The six winning distributorships of the "First Class to Fenway" promotion received their grand prize trip aboard the MonaVie Jet to Boston, Massachusetts, where they watched the Boston Red Sox take on the New York Yankees at Fenway Park.

Congratulations once again to the winners!

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