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Jun 15, 2010

MVPay Hub Set to Go Live

MVPay Hub provides you with a substantial upgrade from the Ecount program. To see why, click on the links below to learn more about our global MVPay Hub system.

MVPay Hub Account Setup
Use DirectPay for Product Purchases
Maintenance and Fees Information

Setting Up and Using Your MVPay Hub Account

Similar to a virtual bank account, MVPay Hub is a powerful and secure online platform that allows you to make money transfers, product purchases, and much more. All the features within MVPay Hub provide you with complete control of your earnings.

Other benefits of MVPay Hub include:
• Live, 24-hour access to commission payments
• A way to track payments and transactions in local currency
• Ability to download information into a workable Microsoft Excel file
• An exchange tool to convert profits into foreign currency*

Please note that when your MVPay Hub account is funded for the first time, you will receive an email notification from MVPay Hub.† From here, activating and using your MVPay Hub account begins.

1) Follow the link in the MVPay Hub email to
2) Click Activate Account.
3) Enter your MonaVie Distributor ID number and select your date of birth.
4) Follow the onscreen instructions, and fill in all required fields.

Once you are logged in, MVPay Hub will allow you to set up automatic fund transfers on a weekly or monthly basis, or whenever your account balance reaches a specific amount. Below are instructions on how to transfer funds manually or to set up the automated cashout feature.

1) Click Remove Funds.
2) Select an account to transfer funds to, or create a new account.
3) Enter amount to transfer.
4) Verify the information and click Confirm.

1) Log in to your MVPay Hub account at
2) Click Profile.
3) Click Add/Update next to the "Automated Remove Funds Configuration" option (under “Other Information”).
4) Select an account to transfer funds to, or create a new account.
5) Choose an automatic cashout schedule.
6) Enter the amount you want transferred or select “Full Balance.”
7) Verify the information and click Confirm.

If you have any questions or if you have earned a profit and do not receive an email notification from MVPay Hub, please contact Distributor Support at (866) 217-8455 or send an email to

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* Subject to withholding taxes.
† This notification is sent to your personal email address that you provide upon enrolling and setting up your Virtual Office. Please make sure your information is updated.

Use DirectPay for Product Purchases
With your MVPay Hub account, we are pleased to offer you with an additional payment method for ordering products and sales tools through your Virtual Office or when contacting Distributor Support.

Simplifying the Payment Process
DirectPay transforms your account into an exclusive online payment tool and adds to the features already available to you with MVPay Hub. This means you can use your commission earnings to buy products or pay for your AutoShip orders, thus avoiding the extra time and expense of first having to transfer funds to your personal bank account.

You can use this feature by simply selecting the MVPay Hub DirectPay option when you purchase your next order in your Virtual Office or when setting up your AutoShip.

As always, MVPay Hub provides you with full reporting and tracking capabilities. With the DirectPay option, you can now conveniently track and manage your business expenses in one area (, while keeping those transactions separate from personal finances.

DirectPay also allows you to use a combination of funds (e.g. MVPay Hub and a credit card) when paying for product or sales tools.

As you can see, MVPay Hub is a powerful online tool that provides you with many features and total control of your earnings and business.

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MVPay Hub: Maintenance and Fees
A monthly maintenance fee of 1 GBU* will be charged to your account if there has been activity in your account within the last four weeks. MonaVie will cover the cost of the fee if you are “paid as” a Bronze Executive or above at anytime during the prior month.

Cashout Transactions
When using the cashout feature, please note that there is a modest fee of 1 GBU per cashout.

Remember, the cashout feature allows you to transfer your funds to a personal bank or checking account. You can reduce the number of times you cashout, by taking advantage of MVPay Hub Automatic Cashout feature or DirectPay, which allows you to use funds in your MVPay Hub account to pay for product.

Remember, using DirectPay turns your MVPay Hub account into a powerful payment tool and removes the need to transfer funds to other accounts, thus avoiding the cashout fee.

If you have any questions, please contact Distributor Support at (866) 217-8455 or send an email to

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* GBU is used to determine bonuses paid to distributors. One GBU = US$1. Once GBU is calculated, it is converted using a predetermined exchange rate into local currency as of the date your earnings are actually paid out in bonuses.

Jun 14, 2010

MonaVie EMV Lite Sweeping North America

In conjunction with our recent launch of MonaVie EMV Lite, I've had the privilege to travel across the country and meet many of you at various tasting parties and city meetings. Most recently, I attended amazing and inspiring events in Atlanta, Georgia, Tulsa, Oklahoma, and San Diego and Corona, California. The response to MonaVie EMV Lite has been phenomenal!

I really value the opportunities I have to go out into the field and associate with passionate, driven distributors like you. An extraordinary byproduct of my travels is the great assurance I receive that MonaVie EMV Lite—as well as our entire family of MonaVie products—is in good hands.

I hope you've had a chance to get your hands on new MonaVie EMV Lite, and I encourage you to share with us the many ways you are enjoying its benefits. In fact, I'll even incentivize you to do just that. Check out our newest promotion on BlogMV where two lucky winners will be chosen to have me show up to their next home tasting party with product and a message in hand.

My sense of personal pride toward MonaVie EMV Lite is tremendous, as I know that this is a truly unique energy drink, one that provides healthy energy that millions will benefit from.

Thank you for all the exceptional work you do.

Jeff Graham
Senior Vice President, MonaVie

Jun 14, 2010

The MonaVie EMV Efficacy Study

A recent study showed that MonaVie EMV is a healthy alternative to many of the energy drinks on the market.

The double blind, placebo-controlled, clinical study was conducted at the University of Southern California. Over a period of two days, 25 participants (14 males, 11 females) whose average age was 20 years old consumed MonaVie EMV as well as a placebo.

Each day, participants were shown eight random words and asked to memorize as many as possible. They were then placed on a treadmill set at 3 miles per hour with zero percent grade incline. After two minutes, incline grade was increased to 10 percent at 3 mph for 10 minutes. Then, participants were asked to step off the treadmill and repeat as many of the eight random words shown prior to getting on the treadmill. Participants who drank MonaVie EMV experienced a 20 percent increase in memory.

The researchers who conducted this study concluded that MonaVie EMV is a healthy alternative to many of the energy drinks on the market. They also noted that creating an acai product with these antioxidant levels and its attendant health benefits is a natural fit for individuals seeking an improvement in energy.

Jun 14, 2010

MVU Tip of the Week

The New MonaVie University
If there were a show called Extreme Makeover Website Edition, MonaVie University would be a perfect candidate to be featured. And, here’s what you would see when they shout, “Move that bus:”

• New look and feel
• More user friendly navigation
• Many new and exciting courses
• Support for all browsers, including Safari
• Courses that are sharable on all major social media sites and your personal blog

Not only are the innovations to our website extreme, but so is the potential for what you can do with these new features. Check them out at!

Jun 14, 2010

Sue Butler Shows Off Power of MonaVie at Mt. Hood Cycling Classic

MonaVie cyclist Sue Butler recently took third overall at the Mt. Hood Cycling Classic, a four-day stage race that includes a 54-mile road race and a 2,000-foot climb over the course of an 18-mile gorge. Sue posted a 3rd-place finish, two 4th-place showings, and a 7th-place output over the four days of grueling competition to come out at third overall.

“It was a great event and really good West Coast competition,” Sue said. “It felt good to finish on the podium.”

Follow all of Sue’s cycling adventures at

Jun 8, 2010

Team Hoyt to Speak at International Convention

Rick Hoyt was born quadriplegic with cerebral palsy and is confined to a wheelchair; but, this hasn't stopped him from living a very full and amazing life. A graduate of Boston University with a degree in Special Education, Rick is one-half of Team Hoyt. The other half is his father, Dick, a retired lieutenant colonel who served in the military for 37 years.

Together, they've competed in over 1,000 athletic events around the world in the last 30 years, including 27 Boston Marathons and six Ironman competitions. And, together, they've inspired millions to imagine what can be done in athletics, business, and life with a little vision.

Team Hoyt will be at International "Vision" Convention. Will you?

Click here to watch Team Hoyt in action, or learn more at

Jun 8, 2010

June Organizational Call Replay

If you missed the Organizational Call for June, click here to listen to the latest happenings in the world of MonaVie, including:

• Black Diamond Executive Calvin Becerra’s “A-ha! Moments”
• Senior Vice President Jeff Graham’s “Share Your Tasting Party” Promo
• Director of North America Cade Napierski’s “Tip from the Hip”
• And so much more!

Catch the vision of MonaVie for North America by listening to the replay today!

Jun 7, 2010

MonaVie Wins Silver Telly Award

[New York City, New York] – June 7, 2010 – MonaVie is pleased to announce it has been awarded a Silver Telly, the highest honor given by the annual Telly Awards in New York City. MonaVie won for its outstanding corporate video in the Direct Sales category—MonaVie EMV Athletes.

Click here to watch MonaVie EMV Athletes.

Founded in 1978, the Telly Award is the premier award honoring outstanding local, regional, and cable television commercials and programs; the finest film and video productions; and groundbreaking web commercials, videos, and films. The Telly Awards receives over 13,000 entries annually from all 50 states and countries around the world, with winners representing the best of the most globally respected advertising agencies, production companies, television stations, cable operators, and corporate video departments.

Jun 7, 2010

MonaVie Cyclist Sue Butler Finishes 9th in Mellow Johnny’s Classic

At the Mellow Johnny’s Classic in Austin, Texas, MonaVie cyclist Sue Butler battled humidity and heat that reached well into the 90’s to finish ninth overall. The oppressive heat struck early on, as Sue had to cut her morning warm-up short in order to get her body temperature down. Battling chills and the six-mile landscape of rolling hills, grassy fields, and rocky terrain, Sue determinedly finished among the top ten.

“The course was fun and the race was well run, but it was a matter of survival in the heat,” Sue said. “I fell back to ninth, but I was so happy to be finished and alive!”

Jun 7, 2010

MVU Tip of the Week

MonaVie Active
In 2004, 81-year-old Lee Barry became the oldest person to hike the entire Appalachian Trail, a distance of over 2,000 miles that he covered in 220 days. Shockingly, he did it without a single drop of MonaVie Active. Some people may simply never need extra joint support. For the rest of us, there is scientifically proven help, which you can learn more about at MonaVie University.

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