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Jul 14, 2010

July North America Organizational Call Replay

If you missed the North America Organizational Call for July, click here to listen to the latest happenings in the world of MonaVie, including:

• Royal Black Diamond Executive Howard Smith tells about his inspiring MonaVie journey.
• Star 500 distributors Jesse and Stephanie Clooten describe the miraculous events that led them to MonaVie. (Click here to check out their story at Blog MV.)
• Senior Vice President Jeff Graham outlines North American initiatives and promotions.
• Director of North America Cade Napierski's "Tip from the Hip".

Catch the vision of MonaVie for North America by listening to the replay today!

Jul 12, 2010

Tomas Scheckter Invites You to Honda Indy Toronto

Click here to watch a special invitation from Tomas Scheckter.

MonaVie EMV driver Tomas Scheckter takes to the speedway once again at the Honda Indy Toronto, Sunday, July 18. Live coverage begins at 12:30 p.m. (ET) on ABC.*

Tickets are on sale now, so gather your team, your friends, and family and head to Toronto, Canada, to show the world the power of MonaVie. Along with your fellow MonaVie distributors, cheer on Scheckter as he represents MonaVie on a global stage at one of the most exciting IndyCar events of the season!

Click here to view a map of the speedway.

Purchase Tickets

Call 1-877-503-6869 (toll-free) to purchase your tickets today!

Dr. Pepper Grandstand: These tickets give you 3-day access at the Honda Indy Toronto, so you won’t miss a single minute of the action! Cost: US$127 per ticket. In addition, when you purchase tickets in this area, mention you are with MonaVie, and you will be seated in the MonaVie section.

General Admission Tickets: Also available are 3-day access general admission tickets for US$52 per ticket and race-day access general admission tickets for US$42 per ticket.

Be there as MonaVie goes for the checkered flag!

Jul 12, 2010

Get Ready for the Race at the Toronto City Meeting, July 17

Join members of MonaVie’s Executive Team and special guest Tomas Scheckter, driver of the MonaVie EMV Indy race car, at the Toronto City Meeting on Saturday, July 17, at 6:30 p.m.

MonaVie Founder and Vice Chairman Henry Marsh and Senior Vice President Jeff Graham will be on hand to provide training, recognition, and additional information on our newly fortified products.

Come support Scheckter as he continues to represent MonaVie on a global stage in the exciting IndyCar Series. He will be available to sign autographs for a short time prior to the meeting and talk about his final preparations before he hits the speedway the next day at the Honda Indy Toronto. Be sure to enter a drawing at the city meeting for your chance to win free tickets to the race. The green flag for the race drops on Sunday, July 18, at 12:30 p.m. (ET).

Click here for additional information on the Honda Indy Toronto.

Toronto City Meeting
Saturday, July 17, 2010
6:30–9 p.m.

The Toronto Congress Centre
650 Dixon Road
Toronto, Ontario
M9W 1J1
Tel: (416) 245-5000
Fax: (416) 245-4923

Henry Marsh, Founder and Vice Chairman
Jeff Graham, Senior Vice President, North America
Tomas Scheckter, MonaVie EMV Indy Driver
Distributor Leaders

$10 per person at the door

Jul 12, 2010

Randy Larsen: A Heart for Asia

Click here to watch Randy Larsen's presentation at Convention.

Click here to watch all the Convention presentations.

Thirty years ago, Randy Larsen never left Japan.

Admittedly, in his two years in Japan as a young man, Randy fell deeply in love with the food, people, language, and culture in Asia. So much so that he can no longer stay away from the place that captured his heart.

At the International "Vision" Convention, MonaVie was thrilled to announce Randy as president of Asia Pacific.

In this expanded role, Randy will oversee business operations in this region that is made up of MonaVie markets in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and soon Taiwan. He will also play a part in strengthening each market, expanding MonaVie's presence in the area, and working with a growing distributor force. Randy will also retain his role as founder and vice chairman of MonaVie.

"I am not done in Asia," Randy said. "My heart is telling me that I need to go over there. I don't know why, but that is what my heart is telling me. The reason why will become very apparent at some point in the future. All I know is that I believe it is the right thing for me and I believe it is the right thing for MonaVie."

High Expectations for Asia Pacific Region
At Convention, Randy said the next wave of MonaVie's momentum will come from the Asia Pacific region. To do so, Randy said MonaVie must build a solid bedrock internationally by putting distributors first, strengthening local leadership, including our country managers, and helping distributors believe in the culture and vision of MonaVie.

Among MonaVie's three founders, Randy has remained the most anonymous. Silently working in the background, Randy has successfully established and improved many of MonaVie's core business functions and was the company's original chief operating officer (COO). A successful entrepreneur, Randy has been actively involved in the development of nutritional products for more than 25 years and has been involved in the direct selling industry for more than 16 years.

Out of all the tasks Randy has accomplished at MonaVie, he is most proud about the time he has spent in the remote regions of the Amazon to negotiate and secure the first acai deal, which was done in Japanese, and to make sure MonaVie continues to play a significant role in protecting and preserving the Amazon Rainforest. MonaVie's sustainable harvesting initiative is not only saving the rainforest, but also the lives of people living up and down the Amazon River.

"We have spent US$60 million on fruit, which has changed the whole region," Randy said. "With acai hundreds of families have employment and thousands of acres of trees are being planted and not cut down, because now there is a financial incentive for people to harvest fruit. To see the changes that we are making in these communities is a story that not a whole lot of people know about."

Focused on the Distributors
Making a positive difference in the world is what drives Randy every day, and he hopes his efforts in the Asia Pacific region create a greater sense of unity among distributors worldwide. The only thing Randy is nervous about is a possible wardrobe change. Randy admits that he is more casual than the formal business attire that people in the Asia Pacific region expect from business leaders. At MonaVie's World Headquarters, Randy displays a calm and collected demeanor while walking around in jeans, slip-on shoes or boots, and a sport coat.

"Maybe we can warn our distributors in this region that they are not going to see me in a suit and tie every day," Randy said with a chuckle.

However he dresses, Randy's fresh line of thinking and distributor-first attitude is definitely what this company needs to propel the MonaVie opportunity in the Asia Pacific region.

Jul 12, 2010

Inspirational Voices from International Convention: Comfort Shelved, Success Found

During the second day of the International "Vision" Convention on Saturday, June 26, Founder, Chairman, and CEO Dallin A. Larsen shifted the agenda so the voices and hearts of distributors could be heard, including Presidential Black Diamonds Holly and Corbin Roush.

This couple is on a mission to get the MonaVie opportunity in as many people's hands as possible. However, this determination did not always exist. They had to overcome self-reservations and outside voices of doubt as they stepped into a business they had never tried before. Holly and Corbin also needed to quickly learn that in order to achieve a comfortable lifestyle, they must first become uncomfortable. "You don't have to wait until you reach a certain rank to make a difference in the lives of people around you," Holly said. "You can make a difference today."

Jul 12, 2010

Watch Individual Convention Presentations On Demand on MonaVie TV

Click here to watch the Convention Corporate Leaders' presentations.

Click here to watch the Convention Distributor Leaders' presentations.

From juice blend fortification and the science behind our products to new corporate marketing materials and updates from the MonaVie Executive Team, the inspirational and informative presentations from this year's International "Vision" Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah, are now available to watch individually on demand on MonaVie TV. Visit or click on one of the links below to begin watching:

Watch Founder, Chairman, and CEO Dallin A. Larsen's presentation.
Watch Founder and Vice Chairman Randy Larsen's presentation.
Watch Founder and Vice Chairman Henry Marsh's presentation.

Executive Team
Watch President and COO Dell Brown's presentation.
Watch Senior Vice President Jeff Graham's presentation.
Watch Senior Vice President of International Brent Ririe's presentation.
Watch Vice President of Marketing Wayne Moorehead's presentation.
Watch International Distributor Ambassador Randy Schroeder's presentation.

Scientific Advisory Board
Watch Dr. Paul Clayton's presentation.
Watch Dr. Penny Kris-Etherton's presentation.
Watch Bernie Landes's presentation.
Watch Dr. Stephen T. Talcott's presentation.
Watch Dr. Nathan D. Wong's presentation.

Jul 12, 2010

AutoShip Advantage Club: MonaVie Distributor Insurance

Becoming a successful leader in MonaVie starts with the AutoShip Advantage Club, the place for the biggest savings and the best rewards. Simply sign up for AutoShip and you're in the club!
MonaVie Distributor Insurance—Worry-Free Protection
As an AutoShip Advantage Club member, you get free MonaVie Distributor Insurance (a US$300 value) that protects you and your team as you share the MonaVie opportunity. Grow your business without boundaries—from your home to a hotel conference room, and around the world. With MonaVie Distributor Insurance, you receive:

• US$1,000,000 per occurrence and US$2,000,000 annual aggregate
general liability insurance.
• Certificates of Insurance to help you secure venues to host events.
• True worldwide coverage from a leading global carrier.
• Coverage whether you hold an event at home or abroad.
• Freedom to grow your business with peace of mind.

For complete details on how you can save money, save time, and get rewards, visit

Jul 12, 2010

MVU Tip of the Week

Tap Into Your "Third Mind"
You've probably noticed that some of your best ideas come while you're talking with friends. In his timeless classic Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill explains how we can maximize this experience by forming what he calls a "Mastermind Group." Hill writes, "No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible, intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind."

It may sound complicated, even a bit mystical, but it's actually very easy to put together a mastermind group. Simply meet with other like-minded people, share ideas, and you'll have more mental power than you would ever have on your own. Just think how much better equipped you'd be to meet the challenges of growing your MonaVie business just by picking up a few pointers at MonaVie University and discussing them in a MonaVie mastermind group of your own making.

Jul 6, 2010

AutoShip Advantage Club: MonaVie Concierge

Becoming a successful leader in MonaVie starts with the AutoShip Advantage Club, the place for the biggest savings and the best rewards. Simply sign up for AutoShip and you're in the club!

MonaVie Concierge—Don't Sweat the Small Stuff
One of the greatest advantages of being an AutoShip Advantage Club member is also one of the program's most convenient features: MonaVie Concierge.

MonaVie Concierge allows you to focus on building your business while enjoying the freedom of being a distributor. Get a 24/7 Virtual Personal Assistant who will happily fulfill your requests. Book a room for a meeting, provide catering, and arrange transportation. With MonaVie Concierge, one call is all it takes.

MonaVie Concierge includes:
• Flight, hotel, and rental car reservations
• Arranging meetings and catering
• Event and entertainment ticketing
• Golf course tee time reservations and referrals
• Latest sports scores, stock quotes, and worldwide weather
• Door-to-door ground transportation services

For complete details on how you can save money, save time, and get rewards, visit

Jul 6, 2010

Compensation Plan to Provide Two Ways to Qualify Ruby to Blue Diamond!

Coming soon, a modification to the Compensation Plan will allow you to choose the way you qualify at the ranks of Ruby to Blue Diamond Executive.

As an alternative to including a qualified Star 500 in each of your required personal enrollment tree legs, you will have the option to meet PEAR volume per leg requirements as indicated in this chart.

With this approach, you'll have the freedom to qualify the way that works best for you!

No Star 500 Requirement for Hawaiian Blue Diamond and Above Executives
In addition to giving you two ways to qualify for Ruby to Blue Diamond, we're also eliminating the requirement to include a qualified Star 500 in each of seven personal enrollment tree legs in order to qualify at Hawaiian Blue Diamond and above.

With the help of these improvements, qualifying at Executive-level ranks has never been easier! Stay tuned to as we move closer to the implementation date of these enhancements.

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