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Dec 20, 2010

MonaVie RVL City Meeting Tour Begins January 8!

MonaVie is hitting the road on a 2-month tour to commemorate the official launch of MonaVie RVL! Come and learn firsthand about the best weight management system in the world from Senior Vice President Jeff Graham, the MonaVie Founders, and many more guests, including:

  • Randy Schroeder, International Distributor Ambassador
  • Members of the Scientific Advisory Board
  • Members of the Distributor Advisory Board
  • RVL All-stars

Click on one of the cities below for complete details on each meeting in January! To purchase tickets, access your Virtual Office, and click on Place a Personal Order.

Check back at as RVL City Meeting dates for February become available.

Dec 16, 2010

Women Experience Fewer Cold/Flu Symptoms, Higher Energy Levels with Wellmune®

A recent study evaluated the effect of Wellmune on upper-respiratory tract infections (URTIs) and psychological well being.

Healthy women, pre-screened for moderate levels of psychological stress, self-administered a placebo or 250 mg of Wellmune daily for 12 weeks. Subjects in the Wellmune group reported fewer URTI symptoms, better overall well being, and superior mental and physical energy levels compared to the group that took the placebo.

This shows that daily dietary supplementation with Wellmune reduces URTI symptoms and improves mood states in stressed subjects, and thus may be a useful approach for maintaining immune protection against daily stressors.

Click here to read a full press release on the study.

Dec 15, 2010

Meet New Country General Managers Phil Welch and David Kim

MonaVie is pleased to announce the addition of Phil Welch and David Kim to our international leadership team.

Phil Welch is the new general manager of MonaVie Japan. With the ability to speak and read Japanese fluently, Phil has more than 20 years of executive management and leadership experience. Over the last 10 years, he has served as president and CEO of a Japan branch for a major U.S. software corporation and as the country director for a very prominent direct selling company.

“I know that with the wonderful partners we have in Japan—our amazing distributors, our dedicated employees—and with the support of our capable team at headquarters, we can create a lasting opportunity for thousands of people. I look forward to enjoying the thrill of the future with all of you!”

Phil Welch, General Manager, MonaVie Japan

David Kim is the new general manager of MonaVie Korea. David is committed to carrying on the great tradition of helping Korean people achieve A More Meaningful Life through the MonaVie Five Star Opportunity. Throughout his 20-year career, David has come to understand and recognize the needs of distributors.

“My goal is to establish an authentic MonaVie culture in Korea by developing a harmonized relationship of respect and recognition between corporate employees and our distributors. I am delighted to be associated with a company that has a vision to positively transform the health, wealth, and happiness of all people who are searching for and hope for a better life.”

David Kim, General Manager, MonaVie Korea

Dec 15, 2010

MonaVie RVL Launch Tour Kicks Off in Orlando, January 8; Tickets Now On Sale!

After the official launch of MonaVie RVL on January 5, we’re hitting the road for a North American tour. MonaVie RVL will soon be visiting a city near you!

Register Today for the MonaVie RVL Orlando Event
First stop is in Orlando, Florida, on Saturday, January 8. Registration is now open, and tickets are only US$50 per person.

Dallin vs. Jeff; RVL All-Stars; and Product Tasting
Founder, Chairman, and CEO Dallin A. Larsen and Senior Vice President Jeff Graham will both step on the scale to “RVL” the winner of the Dallin vs. Jeff Challenge. You’ll also hear from the MonaVie RVL All-Stars—distributors who have experienced some of the best results using the MonaVie RVL weight management program.

Additional Guests and Activities
• MonaVie Scientific Advisory Board
• The MORE Project
• Sample and Purchase MonaVie RVL

Stay tuned to for full details on the MonaVie RVL Launch Tour.

Dec 15, 2010

Benefits to Having a MyMonaVie Website: An Online Community

With MyMonaVie's new online community, you'll be able to share your excitement and encourage your downline in real time. No more waiting for the next regional, convention, or big event; you can stay in touch and celebrate right when it happens. Share your experiences, get day-to-day tips, and take advantage of the new social media platforms.

Get going. Get in touch. Get MyMonaVie today!

Sign Up Today for a Yearly or Monthly Subscription
Get a monthly subscription for US18.95/month, or take advantage of our discounted yearly subscription of US$189.50. Either way, your first 30 days are free! Just visit and click on "Get MyMonaVie."

Dec 9, 2010

MonaVie Holiday Gift Packs Now Available for Purchase!

MonaVie Holiday Gift Packs* are back! Order yours today.

Give the gift of health this holiday season. Holiday gift packs are perfect for friends and family and can be a great way to introduce others to MonaVie.

Each Holiday Gift Pack comes custom wrapped with the following items:
• 2 bottles of MonaVie juice blends
• A special Healthy Holidays greeting card
• A signature MonaVie shot glass
The Premier Açai Blend brochure
• Customizable "To" and "From" email greeting†

To order, log into your Virtual Office and click "Place a Gift Pack Order" in the main left-hand navigation, or call MonaVie Support at 1-866-217-8455.

Item No. Item Wholesale PV
1130200101 2 bottles MonaVie Active US$49.95 20
1130170101 2 bottles MonaVie Pulse US$49.95 20
1130180101 2 bottles MonaVie (M)m?n US$49.95 20
1130190101 2 bottles MonaVie Essential US$49.95 20
1130210101 1 bottle MonaVie Active,
1 bottle MonaVie Pulse
US$49.95 20
1130220101 1 bottle MonaVie Active,
1 bottle MonaVie (M)m?n
US$49.95 20
Item No. Item Wholesale PV
1130200201 2 bottles MonaVie Active CAD$53.95 20
1130170201 2 bottles MonaVie Pulse CAD$53.95 20
1130180201 2 bottles MonaVie (M)m?n CAD$53.95 20
1130190201 2 bottles MonaVie Essential CAD$53.95 20
1130210201 1 bottle MonaVie Active,
1 bottle MonaVie Pulse
CAD$53.95 20
1130220201 1 bottle MonaVie Active,
1 bottle MonaVie (M)m?n
CAD$53.95 20

* Available in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico (beginning November 29) while supplies last.
† Only orders placed through your Virtual Office allow for email greeting customization.

Dec 6, 2010

Get Going. Get in Touch. Get MyMonaVie!

Build your MonaVie business with a personalized website that works for you 24-hours-a-day. It's!

Sign Up Today for a Yearly or Monthly Subscription
Getting connected to more people is simple with MyMonaVie because it maximizes the exciting wave of online marketing and social media tools that will get you noticed. Connect with people across the street or across the country. Do business around the world or around the corner—any time, all the time. With MyMonaVie, you'll generate business whether you are at your computer or not.

Get a monthly subscription for US18.95/month, or take advantage of our discounted yearly subscription of US$189.50. Either way, your first 30 days are free! Just visit and click on "Get MyMonaVie." When you sign up for MyMonaVie, you get:

An Online Community
Share your experiences, get day-to-day tips, and encourage your downline in real time. It's network marketing 2.0!

A Growing Leads System
The MyMonaVie leads system allows you to send your prospects time-released emails and messages. Get in touch with your most important contacts by creating targeted marketing campaigns and planning effective follow-up.

Task Tracker Capability
Keep your MonaVie business moving by prioritizing tasks, setting important reminders, and planning call backs.

An Integrated Calendar
Customized for your MonaVie business, the integrated calendar is like a direct lifeline with automatic updates and the ability to share upcoming corporate events and meetings.

Access to the MonaVie Resource Library
A wealth of corporate videos and product images are yours to incorporate into your own business building marketing efforts.

Personal MonaVie Email Address (
Customize your emails by adding HTML formatting to your messages.

Manage your business more efficiently with!

Dec 6, 2010

Enjoying the Holidays While Continuing to Get Healthy

Dear MonaVie,

Okay, it's time to come clean. I struggled somewhat during Thanksgiving. Karree did her best Martha Stewart impersonation and prepared the turkey, stuffing, and every other conceivable Thanksgiving dish; and, well...I ate. And then, I ate some more. Then, I took a nap...and got up and ate some more. I certainly wasn't going to offend her after all the effort she put into making a beautiful Thanksgiving feast. And, what would the pilgrims think if I turned my nose at Thanksgiving?

However, lest you think I was a complete slacker, I had prepared somewhat in advance for Thanksgiving. I reminded myself that this is my new lifestyle and that I wasn't going to punish myself, but would instead enjoy Thanksgiving. So, I increased my exercise earlier in the week. I actually ran 27 miles last week, which represents the most miles I've put in since I started my program.

My experience is that I've hit a plateau between 178 and 181 pounds, and I've been bouncing around in that range. But, I've refused to get too frustrated over this as I realize that my body is making some adjustments. And since this is my new lifestyle, I'm not as concerned with the day-to-day as I am with the long term goals I've set for myself.

Now, here's the very exciting news for me: Even after I ate more than I should have, including a few pieces of pumpkin and pecan pie—with whipped cream on one and ice cream on the other—I got on the scale and saw a number I haven't seen in a few decades! I feel great that I ate with the family, but I didn't turn a one-day binge into a three, four, or five-day binge. I got back on MonaVie RVL and kept exercising, and I weigh less than I did the day before Thanksgiving!

So, my message today is that you don't have to be perfect. Life isn't perfect. Nobody is perfect. You're going to eat Thanksgiving dinner, and that's okay. And, you're going to get back on MonaVie RVL and keep doing your daily walking or jogging and continue toward your goal, just like I am.

My goal is to be around 173 or 174 pounds when I leave Florida for Utah on December 15 to enjoy the Christmas season with all of our kids. And yes, I'll be eating some more food over the holidays, probably even some chocolate cake. But that's okay because I'm going to be exercising, drinking my shakes, eating my bars, taking my supplements, and I'm not going to punish myself or beat myself up. I'm going to enjoy Christmas, New Year's, and all other holidays with my family while continuing to get healthy. I have a healthier approach to health than I've ever had.

We're on our way to making MonaVie the healthiest and best company for the world! Let's enjoy this time of the year and do good for one another. Go create some miracles!

—Dallin A. Larsen,
Founder, Chairman, and CEO, MonaVie

Dec 6, 2010

MonaVie Canada Distributor Declaration and Quarterly Activity Report

Beginning on Wednesday, December 8, 2010, distributors who reside outside the U.S. will be required to declare how much time they physically spend travelling to the U.S.* to conduct MonaVie business or participate in incentive trips.

MonaVie is implementing this process to satisfy recent guidelines established by the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS). With this new guideline, you will be required to make a declaration every three months through your Virtual Office and depending on how much time you spend conducting MonaVie business in the U.S., a percent of your commission earnings may be subject to U.S. taxes.

Make Your Declaration in Seconds
MonaVie has established a simplified process that is completely electronic and user-friendly. All you need to do is answer a few simple questions through a new pop-up box that will appear in your Virtual Office. You don’t have to worry about faxing or mailing complicated forms to the government. MonaVie is handling all the difficult tax paperwork so you can concentrate on doing what you do best—building your MonaVie business one person at a time.

Click below to walk through the scenario that best fits your business. If you have any further questions on this process, please send an email to

I will NOT conduct business in the U.S.
I will conduct business or plan to attend a MonaVie event in the U.S.

* This includes travel to U.S. territories, such as Puerto Rico, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands, American Samoa, etc.

Nov 29, 2010

MonaVie RVL Pre-Launch Has Begun in Canada!

The MonaVie RVL pre-launch is now open to distributors in Canada! Between now and January 4, 2011, and while supplies last, you can get your hands on the following MonaVie RVL products before they officially launch in the U.S. and Canada:

Item Price PV
2 Tubs RVL Nutrition Shake Mix
1 Bottle RVL Dietary Supplements
1 Box RVL Nutrition Snack Bars
CAD$269 200
Item Price PV
2 Tubs RVL Nutrition Shake Mix
1 Bottle RVL Dietary Supplements
CAD$215 150
Item Price PV
1 Tub RVL Nutrition Shake Mix
1 Bottle RVL Dietary Supplements
CAD$149 100
Item Price PV
2 Boxes RVL Nutrition Snack Bars
CAD$75 20
Item Price PV
1 Box RVL Nutrition Snack Bars
CAD$40 10

MonaVie RVL Still Under Review by Health Canada
As we stated in previous communications, products in our category are reviewed and approved by Health Canada prior to launch. MonaVie RVL is still currently under active review; so, the product you purchase during the pre-launch period will be sent from U.S. warehouses. This means that:

• Despite the other options available in the Virtual Office, ground transportation will be the only shipping method available until we receive approval from Health Canada. MonaVie RVL is NOT available for pickup from Canada Pickup Centers.
• We recommend that Canada distributors place orders of no more than 400 PV until we receive approval from Health Canada.
• We also anticipate that shipping will take 1–2 weeks longer than normal during this period until we receive approval from Health Canada.

The great news is that you will not incur any extra expense on shipping from the U.S., as MonaVie will cover those extra costs for you. Be among the first to experience these great tasting weight management products by participating in the pre-launch!

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