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Jan 26, 2010

Global Bronze to Emerald Promotion

Click here to review the Bronze to Emerald Promotion FAQs.

One of the biggest announcements made during the 2010 Kickoff Global Webcast was the Global Bronze to Emerald Promotion. 2010 is your year to make a difference in MonaVie, and this promotion is designed to help you do exactly that!

Whether it's qualifying, re-qualifying, or simply re-engaging in MonaVie altogether, MonaVie intends to substantially reward distributors all over the world for their efforts by providing the opportunity to earn a series of cash bonuses. For a company that puts its distributors first, the Bronze to Emerald Promotion is yet another great incentive to keep your MonaVie business booming. The promotion runs through June 4, 2010, and is five-fold:

1. Each Bronze distributorship or below that qualifies at Bronze level for two consecutive weeks through June 4, 2010, will earn a one-time bonus of US$500.

2. Each Silver distributorship or below that qualifies at Silver level for three consecutive weeks through June 4, 2010, will earn a one-time bonus of US$1,000.

3. Each Gold distributorship or below that qualifies at Gold level for four consecutive weeks through June 4, 2010, will earn a one-time bonus of US$2,000.

4. Each Ruby distributorship or below that qualifies at Ruby level for four consecutive weeks through June 4, 2010, will earn a one-time bonus of US$3,000.

5. Each Emerald distributorship or below that qualifies at Emerald level for four consecutive weeks through June 4, 2010, will earn a one-time bonus of US$4,000.

In addition to incentive trips and the other rewards included in the compensation plan, a brand new distributor who achieves these goals by June 4, 2010, will have earned a total cash value of US$10,500!

No other company in the world wants you to succeed like MonaVie does. So, encourage everyone you know to hit the ground running in 2010 and take advantage of this exciting promotion.

Click here to review the Bronze to Emerald Promotion FAQs.

Jan 26, 2010

International Rank Advancements Wrap-Up

Last month, MonaVie welcomed five newly appointed leaders in our international markets to our world headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, for a week of essential training with the MonaVie Executive Team.

Displayed right to left in the photo with MonaVie Founder, Chairman, and CEO Dallin A. Larsen (center) and Vice President of Asia-Pacific Doug Allen (far right), the list of new international leaders included:
• David McManus, Regional Managing Director of Southeast Asia and Oceania
• Dan Zhu, Vice President of Greater China
• B.Y. Na, General Manager of South Korea
• Paul Lim, General Manager of Singapore and Malaysia
• Sol Cortes, Director of Mexico

The week proved successful as the new leaders learned the exceptional standards at which MonaVie operates, including the company’s commitment to put distributors first and give back through The MORE Project. Each new leader returned to their respective areas with a renewed enthusiasm to establish a solid business in their respective markets and to help distributors achieve their goals and dreams.

Speaking of goals and dreams, MonaVie would like to recognize and congratulate the following international distributors for advancing to the rank of Ruby Executive or above during the month of December 2009.

Blue Diamond Executives

Akira Tamai—Japan
Hiroshi Tashima—Japan

Diamond Executives

Shinji Ayabe—Japan
Hiromasa Yagishita—Japan
Hiroshi Tashima—Japan
Sanayo Wajima—Japan
Artur Rdzonek—Poland
Tan Beng Hong—Singapore

Emerald Executives

Joe Wack and Colleen Grant—Canada
Kenji Maruyama—Japan
Takeshi and Takako Ochiai—Japan
Harumi Uchiyama—Japan
Kiyohiko Honjo—Japan
Naoko Ohkura—Japan
Seiji Hattori—Japan

Ruby Executives

Eva and Shannon Farr—Australia
Jason Syberg—Canada
Kouichi Kamiya—Japan
Yasuhiko Nagatomo—Japan
Hiromichi Nishi—Japan
Yoshito Masaki—Japan
Akiko Torigoe—Japan
Akira Nakaura and Hiromi Sugimura—Japan
Eiko Nohara—Japan
Than Lee Chen—Singapore
Czeslawa Pindera—Poland
ShahranShahwadi B Che Shaari—Singapore
Seow Gek Mui—Singapore
Koh Hao Jie—Singapore
Andrzej and Jolanta Kuras—Poland
Cliff Walker—United Kingdom

Jan 20, 2010

MonaVie Organizational Call—Monday, February 1, 2010, 8 p.m. (Mountain Time)

MonaVie invites you to participate in the next MonaVie Organizational Call tonight Monday, February 1, 8 p.m. (Mountain Time). The time has never been better than right now to be a part of the MonaVie family, and we hope you take this opportunity to be a part of the conversation.

Click here to learn how to participate in the MonaVie Organizational Call.

Jan 18, 2010

MonaVie Mall Stocked with Brand New Sales Tools

Direct Selling News "The $100 Million Club" Reprint

Create some added excitement at your next tasting party with the Direct Selling News "The $100 Million Club" reprint. "The $100 Million Club" reprint features MonaVie in a four-page snapshot of 68 direct selling companies with annual global wholesale revenue of $100 million or more. Although MonaVie has only been in existence for five years, the company ranks an astounding 14th on the list.

Visit to order "The $100 Million Club" reprint, or click here!

MonaVie (M)m?n Brochure (10-pack)

Optimize your MonaVie business with the MonaVie (M)m?n Product brochure. In this handy and lucid brochure, you’ll learn about MonaVie (M)m?n’s beneficial blend of 19 fruits and Wellmune®—clinically shown to promote proper immune function. You’ll also read about a four-week study that examined the effects of Wellmune on marathon athletes. Sharing this amazing product is easy and fun with the MonaVie (M)m?n Product brochure.

Visit to order the MonaVie (M)m?n Product brochure, or click here!

MonaVie (M)m?n Two-Sided Business Cards

Your business card can make a good first impression before you ever have a chance. Now, MonaVie business cards are available with MonaVie (M)m?n logos!

Visit to order MonaVie (M)m?n business cards, or click here!

Jan 18, 2010

December Winners of the MonaVie EMV YouTube Promotion

MonaVie congratulates the winners of the MonaVie EMV YouTube Promotion for the month of December!

First place winner Mark Gorys receives 12 cases of MonaVie EMV; second place winner Valentina Zubareva receives six cases of MonaVie EMV; and, third place winner Kristy Gaunt receives three cases of MonaVie EMV.

All three winners are also eligible for the promotion's grand prize—the MonaVie EMV Smart Car!

Click here to vote for your favorite MonaVie EMV YouTube video.

Jan 18, 2010

MonaVie (M)mūn™ Now Available for Pickup in Canada!

MonaVie (M)m?n is now available in Canada, including at the Burnaby Pickup Center!

Specifically chosen for immune health, eight new fruits have been added to MonaVie (M)mūn, including maqui, baobab, blackcurrant, blood orange, elderberry, strawberry, lingonberry, and sea buckthorn. But, the key ingredient, Wellmune®, is one that is exclusive within direct selling to MonaVie!

Clinically shown to promote proper immune function, Wellmune® is part of an immune technology portfolio that is protected by 40 patents and patents pending in more than 20 countries. It's also supported by seven clinical studies and more than US$250 million in research and development. MonaVie (M)m?n is a delicious juice that helps protect your body year round. It's your daily defense for a healthier life.

Access your Virtual Office and order MonaVie (M)m?n today!

Item No. Item Wholesale PV
1020010201 1 Bottle MonaVie (M)m?n CAD$40.50 25
1020020201 2 Bottles MonaVie (M)m?n CAD $77 50
1020040201 1 Case MonaVie (M)m?n (4 bottles) CAD $146 100
1020080201 2 Cases MonaVie (M)m?n (8 bottles) CAD $254 200
1020120201 3 Cases MonaVie (M)m?n (12 bottles) CAD $346 300

Jan 13, 2010

New Videos Featured on MonaVie TV!

Dallin's Message—January 2010

MonaVie Founder, Chairman, and CEO, Dallin A. Larsen checks in from Park City, Utah. Find out what Dallin has to say about the Bronze to Emerald Promotion, the Anaheim Regional Meeting on January 23, and much more.

Watch Dallin's Message—January 2010.

MonaVie 2009 Year in Review

In addition, catch our 2009 Year in Review video on This stunning footage from MonaVie conferences, regional meetings, Black Diamond Celebration, Diamond Destination, awards ceremonies, and much more illustrate how amazingly successful 2009 was for MonaVie.

Watch MonaVie 2009 Year in Review.

Wellmune® and Proper Immune Function

This informative video explains how Wellmune®—a unique complex carbohydrate found in MonaVie (M)m?n—helps protect your body year round.

Watch Wellmune® and Proper Immune Function.

Jan 11, 2010

Earn Free Enrollment with a First Order of 200 PV and AutoShip Set Up

Throughout 2010, new distributors will earn free enrollment when they meet the following two requirements upon enrolling with MonaVie:

• Place a first order of 200 PV or more, and

• Sign up for AutoShip with at least 25 PV of product

As new distributors meet both qualifications, MonaVie will automatically waive the moderate enrollment fee of US$39. This free enrollment promotion will also help new distributors to quickly learn the benefits of AutoShip and the importance of using MonaVie's premier products to build their own home-based businesses. With enough product in hand, they will be able to take advantage of the direct selling model by sharing the benefits of the MonaVie opportunity one person at a time.

Jan 11, 2010

MonaVie's Newest Blue Diamonds—Kenny and Debbie Williams

Congratulations to Kenny and Debbie Williams from Waretown, New Jersey, on achieving the rank of Blue Diamond Executive. Here’s what they had to say on reaching this impressive milestone…

“Our journey to Blue Diamond has been God sent! We are even more excited now than we were when we started MonaVie. We are excited for the future of the company, and we’re ready to put New Jersey on the map!

“When we were first introduced to the product, we did not see the opportunity that would change our lives and the lives of so many others. My husband’s friend insisted that we try the product and kept hounding us to come to a meeting. I was resistant, but fortunately my husband went. We loved the product and shared it while we ran our full-time business and tended to the hustle and bustle of family life. We experienced success on a small scale by only sharing the product.

“Then, our lives were forever changed when we met Blue Diamond Debby Rondeau, who came from Florida to New Jersey to do a home tasting party for our upline. We are grateful to her and Pete for teaching us about sharing the product and the opportunity.

“As our business has grown, we have also grown. We have learned that relationship marketing is the only industry that encourages growth with and through others. Life is not about ‘stuff;’ it’s about who you have in your life! Our marriage and family life is stronger. The personal relationships that have been built because of MonaVie are priceless.

“Our advice is just do it! Make the decision to change your life, and you will. If you want more out of your life, put more into it. If you want more money in life, give more. If you want more love, love others more. If you want better relationships, be a better friend. If you want more time, do what it takes for as long as it takes to see success. Don’t quit and you will win. Follow the path of others and stay teachable.

“You don’t have to think outside the box; you have to work outside the box. MonaVie is a gift you can give people to change their lives. Accept the gift for yourself and then share it with others, and you will reap the rewards for the rest of your life.”

Jan 11, 2010

Congratulations Preferred Customer Bonus Challenge Winners!

MonaVie's Preferred Customer Bonus Challenge concluded on December 25, 2009.

Congratulations to grand prize winner Kelly Roth (Gold Executive, U.S.), who wins a US$4,000 bonus check. Runners up Gregory Draven (Star 1000, U.S.), Terry and Alexis Sweatt (Star 1000, U.S.), and Chris and Kinga Wasiak (Gold Executive, Australia) each win US$2,000 bonus checks.

MonaVie also congratulates the following distributors who earned the right to participate equally in the Preferred Customer Bonus Challenge pool. Each distributorship below earned a payout of nearly US$700 for having five different preferred customers in their organizations place orders during the period of November 28 to December 25, 2009:

Christopher Anguay (Star 500, U.S.)
Donald Austin (Distributor, U.S.)
Joan and Kirk Bailey (Star 500, U.S.)
Billy Brown (Distributor, U.S.)
Derrick and Regina Byrd (Star 1000, U.S.)
Jaysee Carsen (Blue Diamond Executive, U.S.)
José Antonio Lara Díaz del Castillo (Star 500, Mexico)
Mercy Cervantez (Distributor, U.S.)
Kaleinani Detjen (Star 1000, U.S.)
Leslie Fischer (Distributor, U.S.)
David Fried (Star 500, U.S.)
Nancy and Douglas Tracy Gardiner (Star 1000, U.S.)
Dennis Grettner (Silver Executive, U.S.)
Beth Hartman (Star 1000, U.S.)
Cherie Jones (Distributor, U.S.)
Paul Krenzel (Distributor, U.S.)
Hifumi Kurosawa (Star 1000, Japan)
Adam Lane (Star, Australia)
Tina Lazarakis (Star 1000, Canada)
Nora Lee (Distributor, U.S.)
Paul G. Lister III (Star 1000, U.S.)
Paul and Julie Livermore (Distributor, U.S.)
Anthony and Sherrie McKnight (Blue Diamond Executive, U.S.)
Hanifah Munadi (Star 1000, U.S.)
Karin Odom (Bronze Executive, U.S.)
Gary and Marilyn Pansa (Star 1000, U.S.)
Peggy Price (Bronze Executive, U.S.)
Julia Queen (Bronze Executive, U.S.)
Tanya Renz (Star 1000, U.S.)
Clara Rohrer (Star 1000, U.S.)
Saundra Sloniger (Star, U.S.)
William and Wilhemina Smith (Distributor, Canada)
Alain and Angel Tchurukdichian (Star 1000, France)
Benjamin Thomas (Star 500, U.S.)
Tiphanie Todd (Distributor, U.S.)
Susanna Velasquez (Star 1000, U.S.)
VMS, Inc. (Gold Executive, U.S.)
Joseph and Christine Weber (Distributor, U.S.)
Ronica West (Star 1000, U.S.)
Steven Wiideman (Star 1000, U.S.)
Carolyn Young (Bronze Executive, U.S.)
(Israel ,Bronze Executive) ?? ??????
(Israel ,1000 Star) ????? ????

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