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Oct 26, 2010

Order up to 800 PV during MonaVie Weight Management Pre-Launch!

The pre-launch period for our MonaVie weight management products begins November 2, and we can’t wait for you to begin making healthy changes to your life with the world’s best weight management system!

We want to get these amazing products in the hands of as many of our distributors as possible. Given the great demand for our weight management products, and to ensure that all MonaVie distributors have the ability to place an order, we will limit orders made during November and December.

Each distributorship will be able to order up to 400 PV of weight management products in November and another 400 PV in December.

Be among the first to experience these great tasting weight management products by participating in the pre-launch!

Oct 25, 2010

MonaVie Congratulates Top Retailers Bonus Earners

Congratulations to the recipients of the Top Retailers Bonus!*

The Top Retailers Bonus rewards distributors who achieve high retail sales (with a minimum of five sales to separate preferred customers) over a four-week period.

Anthony and Sherrie McKnight receive a bonus of 4,000 GBU for having the most volume from Preferred Customer sales.

Among the top four distributors who receive a bonus of 2,000 GBU for having the most volume from Preferred Customer sales are:

• Mark Berry
• Ashley Miller
• Chris and Kinga Wasiak

The following distributors have each earned an equal share of the Top Retailers Bonus pool—a bonus of more than 140 GBU:

Betty Yung
Bryan Gauvin
Kelly Roth
Jaysee Carsen
Christy Graves
Yesmin Rivero
Jean Fusco
Ivanka Toneva
lena Bocher
Gregory Draven
Rhonda Wright
Dariusz Izabela Kuriata
Pamela Lawton and Noel Rugg
Cindy Cousineau
Fidel Yepez Mora
James Hardy
Michelle and Ron Honda
Gurdeep Sethi
Richard Rannis
Charles and Lori Fremstad
Carmen Komish
Ricardo Batista Filho
Helen and John Carter
Nancy and Dave Tessmann
Yann Mathieu
Tammra Cervone
Debbie Penge
Agnieszka PajÄk
Loretta and Alfred Weeden
Jessica Giuffre
Dalma Valentin
Dawn McGee
Alain Le Guelvoud
Jose Egues
Miles Anderson
Terry and Alexis Sweatt
Bud Tleimat
Winston and Gwen Thomas
Paul G Lister III
Robert Berg
Jacob Padgett
Sherrie Clark
Bob Gaudette
Patti King
Robert and Leeann Short
Kiarah Cuthbert
Norma Sandoval
Eric Scanlon
Wendy and Warren Hickey
Gary Waters
Manuela Fritzsch
Doug and Angie Duwa
Sheri Slater
Kay Klyne
Paul Wiggins
Patt Wiess
James Martin
Patricia Rusiecki
Daniel Bills
Charles and Deborah Larner
Eric Wolf
Steven Grote
Michelle Soule
Caine Onofrio
Kayelene Mary Dysart
Fredrick and Roxanne Finke
Danien Feier
Brian and Jane Johnson
Jason and Kelly Kohler
Adrian and Jacie DeLeon
mario hernandez
UP Natural Products LLC
Elaine Heylen
Jimmy St. James
Gabriele Baldwin
Kay and Ivan McLorn
Andre Mulunda
Scott and Tripsie Faerber
Neal Ruffner
Marie Mcaleavey
Wendy Karina Garcia
Gloria Ford
Peter Ardischoll
Trudy and Randy Jorstad
Laurette DeBoer
Marc Bronzetti
Jungran Kim
Sungeun Kim
Yumi Takashima
Grace Hong
Cathy Kim
Sunhwi Kim
James Hwang
Cesar Liang
Elaine Kim
Minjung Kim
Alex Kim
Miyang Kwak
Young Lee
Yonghee Lee
Refugio Ibarra
Diane Lee
Sun Ok
Jonathan Park
Tracy Nguyen
Derek Kim
Angela Park
Brian Kim
Yun Woo
Phuong Hathaway
Ninet Ramirez
Andrew Sulkowski
Clyde and Kandra Moss
Pay It Forward LLC
Rachel Griffin
Michael and Desiree Kraus
Margaret and Trent Thompson
Ruth Nesbitt
Eduardo Romero
Michael and Beth Briggs
Nikki Van Velzer
John Lindsay
Dena Sboto
Sachlich LLC
Jose Oscar and Veronica Coronel
Gabriel Marsh
Javier and Ana Leal
Willie Safford
Joseph and Virginia Schoeb
Lynn Kridler
Joseph Schalk Jr
Leo Wines
Robert Hammer
Walid Bounenni
Dennis and Susan Seymour
Lori Tucker
Bulah Stock
Cynthia Drye
Jason and Gina Koncz
Robert Allen
Leslie Hopp
Tonya Bartys
Jordan Walker
Karissa Pearson
Anthony and Melinda Heykoop
Ben and Myrna Jussila
Trevor and Brenda Most
Michelle Jumper
Judy Tucker
Ronald and Terri Howard
Allan Gainer
Chris Wolfe
Jon Groves
Lance and Julie Vrieze
Jason Tingley
Fadi Hindi
Thomas Holthofer
Justin Corbin
Ron and Susie Light
Richard Jumper
Nancy Cope
Shalinda Szkubiel
Rex West
Larry Burger
Gracie Hines
Victoria Penland
Mike Hackett
Megan Koudelka
Joanne Boyle
Maria Mansour
Vicky Friend
Eric Bryan
Jean Intervallo
Justin Liniger
Jeremy and Anita Windemuller
Edi Deviana
Scott DesMarteaux
Allan Sorg

* The Top Retailers Bonus is awarded to the top retailers worldwide and is not determined by country. Preferred Customer sales to the same shipping address or to the distributor’s shipping address do not qualify. Distributors do not need to be Active or Qualified to earn the Top Retailers Bonus.

Oct 25, 2010

Guide to Social Media Now Available

MonaVie's Guide to Social Media is now available online. The tips provided for you in this guide will help you utilize social networking technologies effectively as you build your MonaVie business.

Click here to read Guide to Social Media. You can also find the document in the Document Library of your Virtual Office, as well as on BlogMV.

"In network marketing, social media is a great tool to develop relationships and share information," said Mike Jensen, MonaVie's social media promotions manager. "While social media is a new and exciting frontier, it is important to remember that it is first and foremost, social. So, we created MonaVie's Guide to Social Media for our employees and distributors as a resource for all who represent MonaVie, online and offline. We consider this a must-read for those who participate in social media."

Oct 25, 2010

Açai Makes Headlines in Prestigious Book by ACS: Flavor and Health Benefits of Small Fruits

A chapter discussing the benefits of the açai berry has been published in the book, Flavor and Health Benefits of Small Fruits, published by Oxford University Press in conjunction with the American Chemical Society (ACS), the largest scientific organization in the world.

The article is co-authored by Dr. Alex Schauss, a member of the MonaVie Scientific Advisory Board, who commented, "It's an honor to have an article requested for submission into this invitation-only symposium series publication."

The following is an excerpt from chapter 13, "Açai: An Amazonian Palm Fruit with Broad Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Activities":
The pulp of the Amazonian palm fruit, açai (Euterpe oleracea Mart.), has been found to have exceptional antioxidant capacity in vitro, particularly against the superoxide, peroxyl, and hydroxyl radicals. Studying foods for their potential health benefits to humans can benefit from in vitro assays that can correlate with in vivo outcomes.

About ACS Symposium Series Books
The ACS Symposium Series contains high-quality, peer-reviewed books developed from the ACS technical divisions' symposia. Each chapter is carefully authored by an expert in the field, and the collection of chapters edited by an internationally recognized leader in the field. The series covers a broad range of topics, including agricultural and food chemistry.

About the ACS
The American Chemical Society is a non-profit organization chartered by the U.S. Congress. With more than 161,000 members, ACS is the world's largest scientific society and a global leader in providing access to chemistry-related research through its multiple databases, peer-reviewed journals, and scientific conferences.

Oct 18, 2010

MonaVie EMV Certified by Premier Banned Substance Testing Program

MonaVie is pleased to announce that its healthy energy drink, MonaVie EMV, has been tested and certified by INFORMED-CHOICE, one of the most reliable high-quality testing programs in existence. This confirms that MonaVie EMV is free of banned substances identified by professional, collegiate, and Olympic teams and leagues around the world.

This relationship with INFORMED-CHOICE demonstrates MonaVie’s commitment to stand behind the efficacy and absolute safety of MonaVie EMV,” says MonaVie Chief Science Officer Dr. Shawn Talbott. “While we knew beforehand that MonaVie EMV was not formulated with any banned ingredients, our INFORMED-CHOICE certificate provides legal support of that knowledge from a credible third party agency.”

Click here to download the official certificate.

Click here to see INFORMED-CHOICE’s complete list of registered products, including MonaVie.

With INFORMED-CHOICE certification, professional and amateur athletes, as well as weekend warriors can consume MonaVie EMV with confidence that the healthy energy drink has been tested and validated to be free of prohibited ingredients.

Oct 18, 2010

MonaVie International Wrap-Up

More than 75 international distributors joined us at the MonaVie Diamond Destination 2010 in beautiful Maui, Hawaii. These amazing distributors are achieving their dreams by developing empowering habits and taking action. Most of our international leaders are pioneers in their respective markets, blazing the trail to the top for others to follow suit. Congratulations to each of our amazing international distributors who qualified for the MonaVie Diamond Destination and we hope to see you there next year!

Product Launches and Updates
MonaVie EMV is now available for purchase in Mexico! Competitively priced, MonaVie EMV stands out above the competition in both taste and constitution. MonaVie EMV has experienced tremendous success in Brazil and we are already seeing similar results in Mexico. Distributors in Mexico purchased more than 16,000 cans of MonaVie EMV within 15 days of launching the new product.
MonaVie International Events

People around the world are experiencing the sensational taste and remarkable benefits of MonaVie. Here is a list of some powerful events with compelling speakers and announcements happening in MonaVie markets around the globe.

Poland City Meetings
October 19–28, 2010

London Opportunity Meeting
October 16, 2010

MonaVie Korea Health Seminar (Six Major Cities)
October 12–22, 2010

Taiwan (Taipei) Opportunity Meeting
Thursday, November 7, 2010

Malaysia/Singapore City Tour
Beginning Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hong Kong Grand Opening
Saturday, November 13, 2010

Brazil Mega Meeting
Sunday, November 14, 2010

MonaVie Japan: Compliance & Product Seminar (Nagoya)
Sunday, November 14, 2010

Australia–New Zealand City Tour

Melbourne Opportunity Meeting
Wednesday, 1 December 2010
Sydney Opportunity Meeting
Saturday, 4 December 2010
Auckland Opportunity Meeting
Thursday, 2 December 2010
Perth Opportunity Meeting
Monday, 6 December 2010
Gold Coast Opportunity Meeting
Friday, 3 December 2010
Adelaide Opportunity Meeting
Tuesday, 7 December 2010

MonaVie Japan: Christmas Rally & Dinner Party 2010
Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Visit MonaVie On the Move
For more information on a certain MonaVie market, be sure to visit that respective market's MonaVie On the Move website. You can do so by scrolling over the International tab across the top of the page, moving your cursor over the market you want to visit, and click "On The Move."

Oct 18, 2010

MonaVie UTV Racer William Yokley Takes Second at the Powerline Park GNCC

MonaVie distributor William Yokley finished second overall at the Powerline Park GNCC in St. Clairsville, Ohio, on Saturday, October 9.

Yokley got off to a good start and jumped into third place in the first lap of the race. By lap 2, he maneuvered into second out of 52 total racers. He would remain in that spot throughout the duration of the competition. Yokley is the season points leader going into the last GNCC event of the year, the AMSOIL Ironman in Crawfordsville, Indiana, October 23–24, 2010.

Go, MonaVie!

Oct 18, 2010

Ruby Fly-In October 2010 Highlights

Watch the Ruby Fly-In October 2010 video.

Click on the link above to check out the highlights from Ruby Fly-In October 2010 at the renowned Zermatt Resort in Midway, Utah. MonaVie Ruby Executives and above spent the week receiving recognition, training, and sampling the area’s top activities. We’ll see you there next year!

Oct 12, 2010

Weight Management Pre-Launch Begins Tuesday, November 2, 2010; MonaVie Weight Loss Study Underway

Dear Distributor,

The MonaVie weight loss study is underway, and those chosen for the study have been notified and will begin receiving their weight loss study packages in the coming week. If you did not receive email notification from MonaVie corporate indicating that you were selected for the study, you still have an amazing opportunity to try our weight management products before they officially launch in January!

Weight Management Products—Pre-Launch
The pre-launch period begins November 2, 2010 and ends January 4, 2011. During this time, while supplies last, our weight management products will be available for purchase to U.S. and Canada distributors who are Active (as defined by the MonaVie Compensation Plan) with at least 100 PV. Qualifying distributors will accrue Personal Volume points on these purchases.

Additionally, distributors who purchase product during the pre-launch will be required to agree to the terms and conditions of a “Health Information and Likeness Disclosure” consent form at the time of purchase. If you choose to share your success story (or before and after picture), this form simply indicates your consent for MonaVie to use your information for promotional purposes. Please note that your Preferred Customers will not be able to purchase weight management products during the pre-launch, but will be able to at the official launch in January.

Weight Management Products—Official Launch
The official launch of MonaVie’s weight management products is slated for January 5, to immediately follow the pre-launch period ending January 4. Everyone, including Preferred Customers, can purchase product after the official launch; and, distributors will no longer be required to be Active with at least 100 PV to purchase product.

This is an exciting time to be a MonaVie distributor, and I thank you for your efforts as we bring healthy weight loss to the market. You are going to love what these amazing new products do for your body and your business! Please stay tuned to for more information and updates.


Jeff Graham
Senior Vice President, MonaVie

Oct 12, 2010

Puerto Rico Product Soft Launch & Regional Meeting

MonaVie is pleased to announce the Puerto Rico Product Soft Launch & Regional Meeting, November 5–6, 2010 at the Caribe Hilton in San Juan. You won’t want to miss this event as we are unveiling our latest product!

Tickets and Registration
Tickets are US$10 per person and can be purchased onsite. Additionally, for every personal purchase of 100 PV or more between September 11 and November 5, 2010, you will receive two free tickets!

The theme of this year’s event is “MonaVie, Contigo y Por Ti” and we mean just that! MonaVie is great because of you, our valued distributors, and this event has been carefully planned to provide you with an outstanding opportunity to grow, learn, and celebrate with MonaVie. Take a look at our impressive list of speakers:

• Cade Napierski, Senior Director North America
• Gavon Barkdull, Regional Managing Director of the Americas
• David Garcia, MonaVie U.S. Latin Sales Director
• Angel Matos, Black Diamond Executive
• Vilma Calderon, L.N.D., M.A.R., E.D., C.P.T.
• Distributor Leaders

At the event, you’ll learn about our exciting new product soft launch! In addition, you and your prospective distributors will personally discover the limitless possibilities available to you through the MonaVie opportunity.

MonaVie Recognition Dinner
The event kicks off Friday, November 5, with a recognition dinner from 7–10 p.m., which will provide appreciation for those in attendance in addition to special training from distributor leaders.

This dinner is limited to the first 50 qualifiers and one guest. We have provided three exciting ways for you to qualify to attend during the promotional period of September 11 to November 5, 2010!

• The first 10 leaders to be paid-as rank of Gold Executive
• The first 20 distributors to achieve the rank of Star, Star 500, Star 1,000
• The first 20 distributors to enroll six new distributors with purchases of 100 PV at the time of enrolment.

(Note: This can be rolled down through your organization. For example, you personally sponsor two new distributors, and these distributors enroll two distributors each for a combined total of six new enrollments in your organization. As long as each enrollee has a 100 PV purchase at the time of enrollment, you qualify!)

Product Soft Launch Meeting
On Saturday, November 6, there will be a learning seminar from 12–4 p.m., which will reveal our exciting new product soft launch, offer core business presentations, distributor recognition, and MonaVie’s vision for Puerto Rico.

Regional meetings offer you the opportunity to interact with MonaVie and industry leaders. These amazing individuals will help inspire you to take the necessary steps to build a large and successful MonaVie business. You’ll also receive big announcements, giveaways, and plenty of networking opportunities at this dynamic event.

We’ll see you in San Juan!

Reunión Regional de Pre-Lanzamiento de Nuevos Productos en Puerto Rico

Nos complace anunciar la Reunión Regional de Pre-Lanzamiento de Nuevos Productos que se llevará a cabo los días 5 y 6 de noviembre de 2010 en el hotel Caribe Hilton en San Juan. ¡Usted presenciará el pre-lanzamiento de nuestra línea de productos más nueva!

El tema de este evento es “MonaVie, Contigo y Por Ti”. La grandeza de MonaVie radica en Ustedes, nuestros apreciados Distribuidores, y este evento ha sido cuidadosamente planeado para proporcionarle una extraordinaria oportunidad de crecimiento, aprendizaje y celebración con MonaVie. Algunos de los presentadores incluyen:

• Cade Napierski, Director Sénior de Norte América
• Gavon Barkdull, Director Regional de las Américas
• David Garcia, Director del Mercado Latino de E.U. de MonaVie
• Angel Matos, Executive Black Diamond
• Vilma Calderon, L.N.D., M.A.R., E.D., C.P.T.
• Distribuidores Lideres de MonaVie

¡Conozca por sí mismo de la nueva y emocionante línea de productos! Además, usted y sus prospectos podrán descubrir las posibilidades ilimitadas que la oportunidad de MonaVie ofrece. Aprenda de los lideres de MonaVie a cómo construir su negocio paso a paso, mientras de divierte e interactúa con otras personas en el proceso.

Cena de Reconocimientos de MonaVie
Daremos inicio a las actividades el día viernes 5 de noviembre con una cena de reconocimiento de 7 a 10 p.m. para aquellos que califiquen a la misma, donde se recibirá un entrenamiento de otros líderes.

El cupo para participar de esta cena está limitado a los primeros 50 calificados, cada uno con un invitado. Existen tres maneras para que usted pueda calificar durante el periodo promocional que incluye la semana 298 (11 de septiembre) y termina la semana 305 (5 de noviembre).

• Los primeros 10 lideres con el rango pagado de Gold Executive
• Los primeros 20 distribuidores en calificar por primera vez al rango de Star, Star 500 y Star 1,000
• Los primeros 20 distribuidores en patrocinar a seis nuevos distribuidores con compras mínimas de 100 PV al momento de la inscripción.

Nota: Esto lo puede conseguir con su organización. Ejemplo: Usted puede patrocinar personalmente dos nuevos distribuidores que a su vez patrocinan dos nuevos distribuidores cada uno de ellos para un total combinado de seis nuevos distribuidores en su organización. Cada uno de los nuevos distribuidores debe tener compras de al menos 100 PV al momento de su afiliación.

Seminario de Pre-Lanzamiento
El sábado 6 de noviembre llevaremos a cabo un seminario de pre-lanzamiento de 12p.m. a 4 p.m. en el cual revelaremos nuestra nueva y emocionante línea de productos así como presentaciones de negocios, reconocimientos y la visión de MonaVie para Puerto Rico.

Boletos y Registro
Los boletos tienen un costo de $10 dólares por persona y estarán a la venta en el lugar del evento. Además, por cada compra de 100 PV ó más a partir del 11 de septiembre de 2010 (semana 298) y hasta el 5 de noviembre de 2010 (semana 305) ¡Usted recibirá dos boletos gratis!

Las reuniones regionales le ofrecen la oportunidad de interactuar con líderes de MonaVie y la industria. Estos líderes le inspirarán a tomar los pasos necesarios para desarrollar un gran y exitoso negocio con MonaVie. También recibirá importantes anuncios, regalos y muchas oportunidades en este evento dinámico.

¡Nos vemos en San Juan!

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