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Jan 4, 2011

Wellmune® Reduces Duration of Cold/Flu Symptoms in Study of 100 Medical Students

Wellmune, a natural food and supplement ingredient that activates the body’s immune defenses, significantly reduced the duration of upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) symptoms in a healthy population of medical students during the peak of the cold-flu season.

The results of the 90-day study involving 100 fourth-year medical students of the Southampton University Medical School was presented in December 2010 at a British Society for Immunology conference in Liverpool, UK. Participants taking Wellmune daily reported 43 fewer days of symptoms than their classmates who received a placebo.

“Medical students working long hours in hospitals are placing tremendous stress on their immune systems,” said Dr. Richard Fuller, M.D. of The Dove Clinic for Integrated Medicine and principal investigator for the study. “Wellmune WGP activates innate immune cells, the body’s first line of defense, which helped students become more resilient to health challenges.”

Click here to read a full press release on the study.

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