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Jun 20, 2014

You Choose the Boost 90-day Supply Winners Announced!

Congratulations to the 20 lucky winners listed below who were randomly chosen to receive a 90-day supply of a CORE Boost of their choice through our You Choose the Boost contest! We are reaching out to the winners to get their order.

1. Alicia Stratman 2. Austin Wojciechowski
3. Bethany Brockman 4. Carol Ann
5. Deanna Bailey 6. Delilah Agostini
7. Dominick Ezell 8. Elizabeth Miller
9. Frank Esquivel 10. Geoff Kesler
11. Heather Snavely 12. Jeremy Allen
13. Jim Robb 14. Ken Huebner
15. Kim Harrison 16. Larry Aulenbach
17. Manuel Garcia 18. Nancy McFadden
19. Ruben Ruiz 20. Shawna Fields

We want to thank everyone for submitting their creative CORE Boost product ideas. Hundreds of creative ideas were submitted—some we have honestly never thought of before. We’re excited to get started on expanding our CORE Boost products so you can have a wider range of products to further customize your nutrition and to meet your specific health goals.

Remember, if we launch a new product idea that was submitted to us during this contest, the person who submitted the idea first will receive a year supply of the new CORE Boost product once it is launched! Stay tuned as we evaluate and begin the process of creating additional fitness products.

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