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Jan 15, 2014

Winter Weather Shipping Tips and Packaging Update

The stretch of polar weather throughout the Midwest and out East continues to chill shipping services, causing unavoidable product delivery delays.

Companies in nearly every industry have been impacted by plunging temperatures and unsafe travel conditions. We appreciate your understanding and patience as shipping carriers continue to move as fast as they can and as we work directly with them to minimize delays, replace frozen and damaged orders, and ensure your product arrives safely.

As winter continues its firm grip on the country, please know that we will begin placing product boxes inside bags or insulated, non-branded containers to further prevent freezing and damage.  

We also want to encourage you to follow the shipping tips below during the winter months. If you have any additional questions, please contact MonaVie Support.  

  1. Business Address. If you work at a location during most of the day, then we recommended using your business or work shipping address during the winter months. Having your product shipped to your place of work means your product won’t be left out in the cold and will provide with peace of mind.
  2. Order Early. Place personal order(s) and have your AutoShip order(s) run at the beginning of the week, either a Saturday or Sunday. This will help prevent packages from sitting outside on your front door over the weekend.
  3. Tracking. Contact your selected shipping carrier’s website with your tracking number for updated information. You can find a tracking number for each of your orders via the Order History page under “My Reports” in your Virtual Office.
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