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Oct 8, 2012

Winners Announced—Top 10 PV Enrollers Promo

MonaVie congratulates the winners of our Top 10 PV Enrollers Promo! The following distributors earned the most PV from new enrollments between July 6 and September 7 and have won a trip to Randy and Tara Schroeder’s home. We hope you enjoy San Diego:

  1. Mark Berry, Blue Diamond Executive
  2. Jaysee Carsen, Blue Diamond Executive
  3. Byron Moles, Blue Diamond Executive
  4. Edgar Castorena, Gold Executive
  5. Penny Lynch, Gold Executive
  6. Avimael Quinonez, Gold Executive
  7. Jason and Mona Hillard, Silver Executive
  8. Amy Houle, Silver Executive
  9. Kevin and Michelle McNutt, Silver Executives
  10. Lisa Marie Tucker, Bronze Executive
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