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Jul 16, 2012

Winners Announced—Tel Aviv Ruby Fly-In Promo


MonaVie congratulates the winners of our Tel Aviv Ruby Fly-In Promo! Located on the extraordinary Mediterranean coastline, Tel Aviv is a popular destination renowned for its 24-hour culture, breathtaking beaches, restaurants, cafés, parks, and shopping. On this all-expense-paid trip, the following winners will get to spend time training, networking, and exploring the historic architecture in this vibrant and energetic city:


·         Angela Bruer-Balouch, Blue Diamond Executive

·         Tracie Cook, Blue Diamond Executives

·         Jeff and Susan Delany, Blue Diamond Executives

·         Claudia and Stan Simpson, Blue Diamond Executives

·         Kenneth Sudduth, Blue Diamond Executive

·         Bob and Donna Bickis, Diamond Executives

·         Eric and Dana Kosel, Diamond Executives

·         Mark and Kelly Timmerman, Diamond Executives

·         Mike and Angie Hardison, Emerald Executives

·         Shannon and Chad Tope, Emerald Executives

·         Wayne and Stephanie Ulery, Emerald Executives

·         Rachel and Thomas Alderson, Ruby Executives

·         Darryl and Sheryl Burkhardt, Ruby Executives

·         Jesse and Stephanie Clooten, Ruby Executives

·         Brian and Debra Feeney, Ruby Executives

·         Tanya and Dewey German, Ruby Executives

·         Randy and Kellie Keling, Ruby Executives

·         Kimberly Kraft, Ruby Executive

·         Gene and Helen Linkous, Ruby Executives

·         Ron Mackey Jr., Ruby Executive

·         Cindy and Greg McCarren, Ruby Executives

·         Bonny and Kerry McComb, Ruby Executives

·         Pearl and Richard Rhone, Ruby Executives

·         Lori and Alan Richardson, Ruby Executives

·         Chris and Laura Sonksen, Ruby Executives

·         Arthur Watson, Ruby Executive

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