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May 29, 2015

Win the Trip of a Lifetime to Brazil through the MonaVie Hat Trick Promo!

Score three goals in one soccer game, and it's called a “hat trick.” At MonaVie, our hat trick consists of three of the most amazing things you can do in Brazil:

  • Watch a live World Cup soccer game.
  • Visit the MORE Project in Rio de Janeiro.
  • Embark on an Amazon adventure!

With the MonaVie Hat Trick Promotion (November 16, 2013–March 28, 2014), every MonaVie distributor around the world has the chance to earn a hat trick of their own. That means you!

Click here for complete promotion details.
Click here to download the Hat Trick Promo flyer, and begin sharing with your friends.

Five (5) qualifying MonaVie distributorships will win the trip of a lifetime to Brazil. Winners will be chosen via a random drawing, so everyone has equal opportunity to win simply by doing those activities that make you a successful MonaVie distributor.  

Earn tickets for the drawing in the following ways:

  • Personal Enrollment Volume. Earn one (1) ticket for every 500 PV in sales from your new and personally enrolled distributors.
  • Rank Advancement. Earn tickets for advancing in rank, as follows: Star = 1 ticket; Star 250* = 2 tickets; Star 500 = 3 tickets; and so on, up through the ranks.
  • Double Tickets. As extra incentive to get started early, distributors will earn double tickets on all qualifying activities, from November 16, 2013 to January 3, 2014.

Get started today with the MonaVie Hat Trick Promotion, and you’ll be well on your way to checking some amazing life experiences off your bucket list!

* For markets that do not have the rank of Star 250, or other ranks, the ticket allotment would be adjusted accordingly. For example, in the United States, because the rank of Star 250 does not exist, the rank of Star 500 would earn two tickets. See for complete details.

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