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Mar 26, 2014

Watch the March 25 mynt Webinar Replay and Get the CORE Curriculum

Check out the March 25 mynt™ webinar replay today and learn more about CORE.

MonaVie Fitness and Nutrition Expert Mark Macdonald skydived into the 3 phases of the CORE Nutrition Program—a main component of the mynt products:


Mark also threw down this challenge to potential mynt leaders:

  • To exemplify mynt, you must go through the CORE Nutrition Program.

In short, if you want the title of mynt brand promoter, if you want to be able to share the products with confidence, then you need to experience the brand by using the products all day, every day, and as intended.

We’re not trying to be harsh here; we’re just keeping it real.  

So, be sure to pre-order your mynt kit on Saturday, March 29.

NOTE: mynt is launching across North America on April 19, 2014, and the products that will launch are dependent on each market's individual regulations and registration process. Products may not launch at the same time everywhere.

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