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Jun 3, 2014

Gold Executives Michelle and Scott Totten Featured on HLN for Dropping Baby Weight

Gold Executives Michelle and Scott Totten nearly dropped all the baby weight (yes, men gain baby weight as well) from their last pregnancy during the 8 Week Challenge on Headline News (HLN).

Michelle dropped 28 pounds and 23 inches, and her husband Scott dropped 31 pounds and 17 inches! Most importantly, they did it together as a family. See how they did it and share this inspiring story with any Mom's who might be struggling with dropping those extra stubborn baby pounds.

Aired June 9 – Mom drops 28 pounds in baby weight in 8 weeks
Michelle Totten nearly lost all of her pregnancy weight and her husband,  Scott, lost the sympathy weight.

Aired June 2 – Dieting: The first time I’ve done it right
Kelli Bonomo shares how she ditched the "yo-yo diet" mindset to change her lifestyle.


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