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Mar 12, 2012

Triple Your Health Benefits with MonaVie MX™

A powerful punch of more than two dozen antioxidants in their purest form, MX has been formulated with MonaVie's BioEssense for greater bioavailability, and AcaVie, the most potent form of acai on earth.

MX is the ultimate juice blend: glucosamine to increase joint mobility; Wellmune, which has been clinically shown to strengthen your body's immune defenses; and a broad array of age-fighting antioxidants. Safeguard your body against potentially harmful microorganisms, oxidative damage, and the signs of aging. MX is liquid health and vitality.

Item No. Item AutoShip Standard PV
1118010101 MonaVie MX (1 bottle) US$39 US$44 25
1118020101 MonaVie MX (2 bottles) US$75 US$79 50
1118040101 1 Case MonaVie MX (4 bottles) US$139 US$149 100
1118080101 2 Cases MonaVie MX (8 bottles) US$239 US$269 200
1118120101 3 Cases MonaVie MX (12 bottles) US$329 US$359 300
1118480101 12 Cases MonaVie MX (48 bottles) US$1,019 US$1,099 700
Take It To the MX!
  • Promotes health and vitality
  • Fight oxidation and the signs of aging
  • Increase your joint mobility and flexibility
  • Help safeguard your body against harmful microorganisms and free radicals
  • Optimize your immune system

Click here to view the MonaVie MX nutrition facts.

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