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Jul 8, 2013

Three-Time Winners of the MonaVie iPad Mini Promo—Scott and Renita Brannan!

MonaVie congratulates White Diamond Executives Scott and Renita Brannan from Bismarck, North Dakota, on becoming a record three-time winners of the iPad Mini Promo!

Since the promotion began, Scott and Renita have:

  • Enrolled a total of 35 new distributors and preferred customers
  • Helped six distributors become Stars
  • Enrolled a total new initial order volume of 11,720

“Everyone on the planet can benefit from the MonaVie products! The business side of MonaVie is for those who are truly committed to serving others. Commitment leads to action, and action produces results! We are so blessed to be part of the MonaVie lifestyle!”  

Once again, congratulations, Scott and Renita!


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